Fortnight in review: Pictorial highlights

2nd October - 15th October

Catch up with the top stories over the past fortnight . Click on images for full stories.

2nd October - Ulster Volunteers prepare for war

On a tour of Ulster to inspect members of the Ulster Volunteers, Sir Edward Carson said in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone that he was no longer interested in addressing political audiences: ‘I want to address myself in the future to those who are prepared to fight.’

(Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 27 September 1913)

9th October - Churchill proposes partition of Ireland

Winston Churchill, the Liberal Party MP, has used his annual visit to his constituency at Dundee in Scotland to promote the idea of ‘the temporary absence of the representation of Ulster’ when Home Rule is introduced to Ireland next year.

(Photo: Punch, 8 October 1913)

9th October - Mallow bride left at the altar

A Mallow bride was left at the altar yesterday when neither the bridegroom nor the best man turned up to Mallow parish church.

(Photo: National Library of Ireland, EAS_0906)

10th October - New Irish College opens

A branch of the Munster Training College was opened on Monday night at a meeting held in the Christian Brothers’ School on St. Patrick’s Hill.

(Photo: National Library of Ireland, LCAB/00814)

11th October - Amazon explorer on cocaine operates on himself

Alexander Hamilton Rice Jr, the American explorer, has said in an interview in London that in the course of recent travels in the Amazon he was forced to perform an operation on himself, with the aid of cocaine.

(Photo: © 2000 by Cartography Associates)

13th October - Lives lost in ocean holocaust

The Carmania arrived at Fishguard this afternoon, carrying tales of heroism and tragedy from the SS Volturno, of the Uranium Shipping Company, which caught fire in the middle of the Atlantic last Thursday.

(Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 18 October 1913)

14th October - Church Street compensation claims

Hearings into the proposed clearance of houses in the Church Street and Beresford Street area of Dublin continued today at the Four Courts.

(Photo: Courtesy of the Irish Capuchin Provincial Archives)

15th October - Lockout deadlock: some strikers return to work

Reports from across Dublin suggest that a small number of striking workers have left the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union and returned to work.

(Photo: National Library of Ireland)

15th October - Explosion in Welsh colliery

Hundreds of lives are thought to have been lost at the Universal Colliery at Senghenhydd in South Wales. At around 8am this morning, there was an explosion in the west section of the pit, which started a fire and out of the 935 men who descended this morning, over 400 are still unaccounted for.

(Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 18 October 1913)



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