Fresh foot-and-mouth outbreaks in Cork
Photo: National Archives of Ireland: CSO/RP 1913, 14

Fresh foot-and-mouth outbreaks in Cork

Published: 2 March 1914

The Department of Agriculture has confirmed three outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease in Co. Cork.

The outbreaks have occurred at Ballynacourty, near Kinsale, at Ballinacrusha near Queenstown, and at Douglas. The Department has now prohibited the movement of all animals out of - and within - the scheduled radius of 15 miles from the infected farms.

The movement of all farm animals in and around Cork city has also been prohibited as it is understood that it was from that city that the infected animals recently came. All animals suspected of infection have been destroyed.

A precis of the County Inspectors reports notes how 3 cases of foot and mouth had occurred in the Cork East Riding. (Image: The National Archives of the UK, CO 904/92)

The movement of all hay and straw has also been prohibited in the affected areas, while all dogs must be kept under control within a five mile radius of the infected cattle.

In a statement released yesterday, the Department of Agriculture said that the source of infection is most likely to be drovers and dealers who have recently been in Birkenhead Port in the north of England, where several cases of foot-and-mouth disease have been detected.

The Department had placed stringent restrictions on the movement of people and animals  - and had also laid out a series of measures to ensure proper disinfection - but the measures have not been successful.

Professor Michael Moynihan describes the nature of the foot-and-mouth virus.

The export trade of cattle between Ireland and Britain has now ceased and there are also restrictions on the movement of animals in the counties of Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow.

The matter was discussed in the House of Commons in London and the government confirmed its commitment to pursue such measures as were necessary to prevent the further spread of the disease. There was no indication given as to when the export of animals from Ireland and the normal trade in cattle might resume.



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