Fastest man on earth dies in car crash
Percy Lambert lapping the track at Woodlands on the momentous day when he broke 100 mph for the first time. Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 22 February 1913

Fastest man on earth dies in car crash

Published: 2 November 1913

Percy Lambert, the first man to travel more than 100 miles an hour in a car, has died in a high-speed accident in England.

Lambert was attempting to break the world record for the distance travelled in an hour when a tyre on his car blew and the car swerved and overturned. At the time of the crash on the track at Woodlands, Lambert (32) was well on the way to breaking the record as he had covered more than 50 miles in the 28 minutes he had been driving around the track.

After his car had turned three somersaults, Lambert was thrown from the car and was found lying unconscious on the ground by track officials. He was brought to Weybridge Cottage Hospital where he was pronounced dead.


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