Clongowes centenary project launched
Clongowes College Photo: National Library of Ireland, LROY 03995

Clongowes centenary project launched

Published: 29 October 1913

Lord Chief Baron Palles presided over a meeting yesterday afternoon in the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin to begin preparations for next year's centenary commemoration of the founding of Clongowes College.

The meeting was attended by a large crowd of students from Clongowes (and from Tullabeg, which is now a constituent part of Clongowes).

Lord Palles told the meeting that Clongowes men were now found in politics, in the House of Commons, in colonial senates, in distinguished positions in the British army, in business and in the professions.

Noting that much building work remained to be done to develop the college, he said that they would be required to put their hands in their pockets.

A letter of support was read from Clongowes old boy, John Redmond, the leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party, who noted that he was delighted to be associated with the project due to his ‘feelings of gratitude to the old College where I spent so many years and to which I owe so much.’


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