‘Channel Tunnel’ project planned
Mr Asquith's reaction to the proposals has shown that the idea of a tunnel across the channel is under serious consideration. This illustration shows a transverse section of the proposed tunnel. Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 16 August 1913

‘Channel Tunnel’ project planned

Published: 31 July 1913

Mr Asquith today received an all party deputation in favour of constructing a tunnel across the channel to connect Britain and France. Mr Asquith acknowledged that previous governments had discussed the idea, but had always favoured rejection. It is now clear that the state of Anglo-French relations have improved for the better and, given this stability, there were no longer security concerns that might hold back the idea. It has also been acknowledged that such a tunnel would be a boon for cross-channel food supplies and an important way of developing Anglo-French trade. Mr Asquith said that the question of a tunnel would be kept under review and that various government departments would, in the coming months, offer their opinions on the idea of linking the two countries.


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