Britain launches new battle cruiser as costs of armaments soar
The warship 'King George', pictured in March this year. Today, Britain has launched its largest ever ship, the battler cruiser Tiger, at a cost of £2,045,731. Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 15 March 1913

Britain launches new battle cruiser as costs of armaments soar

Published: 14 December 1913

Britain today launched the largest ever ship designed for its fleet. It has been estimated that the battle cruiser Tiger was built, without her guns, for a whopping £2,045,731.

The scale of almost everything about the new ship is impressive: her displacement is 28,000 tons, as compared to 17,000 tons of the Dreadnought, the 27,000 tons of the Queen Mary, and the 27,500 of the Queen Elizabeth.

The Tiger will be the thirty-fourth dreadnought launched for the British fleet and with its launch, The Irish Times has editorialised, the world ‘enters the second 'century' of vessels of that type. The Naval powers between them possess at present 101 dreadnoughts, built at an estimated cost of £227,266,600, and this huge outlay has all been incurred in the course of eight years. In 1906, there was only one dreadnought afloat. It is no wonder that there should be an outcry against this made craze for armaments’.



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