Arms expenditure ‘may bring catastrophe’
Sir Edward Grey addressing the House of Commons in 1911. Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 2 Dec 1911

Arms expenditure ‘may bring catastrophe’

Published: 4 February 1914

‘Excessive expenditure in armaments must lead to catastrophe that might even sink the ship of European prosperity and civilization,’ said Sir Edward Grey, the British Foreign Secretary, in Manchester last night.

He continued: ‘Financial pressure was the only schoolmaster that could enforce this lesson, and the chances of mutual agreement might at some time be greater than now.'

Sir Edward also said that there may come a day when suspicion of each other’s motives might be reduced enough allow European powers to disarm, but that time had not yet arrived.

The comments came as a resolution for the reduction of expenditure on arms was passed on the motion of the Bishop of Hereford at a demonstration in the Queen’s Hall in London last night.


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