CAO Information
Level 8
Level 8
The details  given are for general information only and do not form part of any contract. They are not intended for use in determining whether any individual applicant is or is not entitled to an offer of a higher education place.
* Not all on this points score were offered places
** Matriculated candidates are considered but admission is on
the basis of performance in the music test and interview.
*** Applicants are ranked as for other courses but the final
decision depends on performance in interview.
# Test / Interview / Portfolio
AQA  All qualified applicants
Course Code INSTITUTION and COURSE Points Round 1
AL033 Toxicology                                                   320
AL035 Construction Technology and Management                       255
AL050 Business                                                     250
AL051 Accounting                                                   255
AL052 Design (Visual Communications)                               #640
AL053 Pharmaceutical Sciences                                          
AL054 Social Care Practice                                         310
AL110 General Nursing                                              365
AL111 Mature Applicants General Nursing                            #168
AL112 Psychiatric Nursing                                          360
AL113 Mature Applicants Psychiatric Nursing                        #157
PC410 Humanities                                                   275
CW018 Business (Wexford)                                           285
CW028 Early Childhood Education and Care (Wexford)                 300
CW038 Art (Wexford)                                                #860
CW108 Biosciences with Bioforensics                                300
CW118 Biosciences with Biopharmaceuticals                          280
CW208 Computer Games Development                                   300
CW238 Software Development                                         315
CW438 Construction - Quantity Surveying                            320
CW448 Construction - Facilities Management                         310
CW708 Law                                                          305
CW728 Product Design Innovation                                    285
CW748 Early Childhood Education and Care                           310
CW808 Communications and Public Relations                          300
CW818 Accounting                                                   270
CW828 International Business                                       275
CW838 Marketing                                                    270
CW908 Business - Management                                        265
CR105 Chemical and Process Engineering                             350
CR106 Software Development                                         250
CR108 Mechanical Engineering                                       330
CR109 Structural Engineering                                       390
CR111 Computerised Instrument Systems                              250
CR112 Multimedia                                                   375
CR116 Software Development and Computer Networking                 290
CR121 Music (at CIT - Cork School of Music)                        **865
CR150 Business Information Systems                                 330
CR220 Fine Art and Ceramic Design                                  #840
CR310 IT Management                                                305
CR330 Herbal Science                                               228
CR340 Analytical Chemistry with Quality Assurance                  320
CR400 Accounting                                                   355
CR510 Sustainable Energy Technology                                375
CR520 Biomedical Engineering (Level 8)                             430
CR560 Architectural Technology (Level 8)                           420
CK101 Arts 335
CK102 Social Science                                               360
CK103 Music                                                        #385
CK104 Arts with Music                                              #450
CK106 Applied Psychology                                           505
CK111 Early Childhood Studies                                      335
CK112 Drama and Theatre Studies                                    #370
CK114 Social Science (Youth and Community Work) - Mature Applicant #
CK115 Social Work - Mature Applicants only                         #
CK116 Sports Studies and Physical Education                        465
CK201 Commerce                                                     445
CK202 Accounting                                                   485*
CK203 Business Information Systems                                 385
CK204 Finance                                                      455
CK205 Commerce (International) with French                         465
CK206 Commerce (International) with German                         310
CK207 Commerce (International) with Italian                        315
CK208 Commerce (International) with Spanish                        380
CK209 Commerce (International) with Irish                          415
CK210 Government                                                   330
CK211 Commerce (International) with Chinese Studies                335
CK301 Law - Three-years                                            500
CK302 Law and French                                               515
CK303 Law and German                                               450
CK304 Law and Irish                                                540
CK401 Computer Science                                             300
CK402 Biological and Chemical Sciences                             365
CK404 Environmental and Earth System Sciences                      360
CK405 Genetics                                                     345
CK406 Chemical Sciences                                            305
CK407 Mathematical Sciences                                        485
CK408 Physics and Astrophysics                                     440
CK501 Food Business                                                300
CK504 Nutritional Sciences                                         480*
CK505 Food Science                                                 300
CK506 International Development and Food Policy                    335
CK601 Process and Chemical Engineering                             485
CK602 Civil and Environmental Engineering                          500
CK603 Energy Engineering                                           535
CK605 Electrical and Electronic Engineering                        300
CK606 Architecture - Joint UCC and CIT programme                   495
CK701 Medicine                                                     575
CK702 Dentistry                                                    565*
CK703 Pharmacy                                                     555*
CK704 Occupational Therapy                                         520
CK705 Speech and Language Therapy                                  525
CK706 Public Health and Health Promotion                           410
CK710 General Nursing                                              400
CK711 Mature Applicants General Nursing                            #160*
CK712 Children's and General Nursing (Integrated)                  490
CK713 Mature Applicants Children's and General Nursing (Integrated #174
CK720 Psychiatric Nursing                                          370
CK721 Mature Applicants Psychiatric Nursing                        #138
CK730 Intellectual Disability Nursing                              380
CK731 Mature Applicants Intellectual Disability Nursing            #131
CK740 Midwifery                                                    425
CK741 Mature Applicants Midwifery                                  #174
CK791 Medicine - Graduate Entry                                    #56*
AH001 Theology and Philosophy                                      290*
AH002 Theology and Psychology                                      320
AH003 Theology and English Literature                              300*
AC120 International Business                                       #
AC141 Behavioural Science (Psychology)                             285
CE001 Education - Primary Teaching                                 ***410
CM001 Education - Primary Teaching                                 465*
CM002 Education - Primary Teaching - Gaeltacht Applicants          425
DB512 Business Studies                                             270
DB514 Business and Law                                             250
DB515 Business with Human Resource Management                      255
DB516 Business with Financial Services                             240
DB517 Marketing with Event Management                              210
DB519 Business Management with Leisure and Recreation              210
DB521 Accounting and Finance                                       220
DB531 Marketing                                                    270
DB553 Film, Literature and Drama 205
DB561 Arts (General)                                               220
DB562 Psychology                                                   210
DB564 Media and Cultural Studies                                   240
DB565 Journalism                                                   230
DB566 Social Science                                               220
DB568 Law                                                          235
DB569 Business and Psychology                                      300
DC111 Business Studies                                             425
DC112 European Business (French)                                   420
DC113 European Business (German)                                   375
DC114 European Business (Spanish)                                  405
DC115 Accounting and Finance                                       435
DC116 European Business (Transatlantic Studies)                    505
DC118 Gnó agus Gaeilge                                             390
DC120 Enterprise Computing                                         310
DC121 Computer Applications                                        300
DC126 Actuarial Mathematics                                        500
DC127 Actuarial, Financial and Mathematical Sciences 450
DC131 Communication Studies                                        435
DC132 Journalism                                                   475
DC133 Multimedia                                                   400
DC146 International Business and Languages (French/German)         335
DC147 International Business and Languages (French/Spanish)        360
DC148 International Business and Languages (German/Spanish)        350
DC149 International Business and Languages (Japanese)              355
DC155 Applied Language and Intercultural Studies                   350
DC156 Languages for International Communication - English Stream 320
DC161 Analytical Science                                           365
DC162 Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences                         360
DC165 Science International Programme                              395
DC166 Environmental Science and Health                             360
DC167 Physics with Astronomy                                       410
DC168 Genetics and Cell Biology                                    385
DC171 Applied Physics                                              375
DC173 Physics with Biomedical Sciences                             430
DC181 Biotechnology                                                360
DC191 Electronic Engineering                                       325
DC192 Information and Communications Engineering                   425
DC193 Mechatronics Engineering                                     350
DC195 Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering                     335
DC196 Manufacturing Engineering with Business Studies              530
DC197 Biomedical Engineering                                       345
DC199 Digital Media Engineering                                    385
DC200 Common Entry into Engineering (Undenominated Entry)          340
DC201 Common Entry into Science (Undenominated Entry)              360
DC202 Sport Science and Health                                     445
DC203 Science Education                                            395
DC204 Athletic Therapy and Training                                470
DC205 Physical Education with Biology                              475
DC211 Music Performance at the Royal Irish Academy of Music        #320
DC212 Composition at the Royal Irish Academy of Music              #335
DC215 General Nursing                                              365
DC216 Psychiatric Nursing                                          315
DC217 Intellectual Disability Nursing                              300
DC218 Children's and General Nursing (Integrated)                  430
DC225 Mature Applicants General Nursing                            #153*
DC226 Mature Applicants Psychiatric Nursing                        #135
DC227 Mature Applicants Intellectual Disability Nursing            #130
DC228 Mature Applicants Children's and General Nursing (Integrated) #161
DC230 Economics, Politics and Law 440
DC231 International Relations                                      415
DC235 Education and Training                                       330
DC236 Quantitative Finance                                         470
DC238 Contemporary Culture and Society                             345
DC239 Gaeilge agus Iriseoireacht/Irish and Journalism              445
DC240 Marketing, Innovation and Technology 400
DT001 Product Design                                               365*
DT021 Electrical and Electronic Engineering                        350
DT023 Manufacturing and Design Engineering                         405
DT025 Engineering                                                  390
DT028 Transport Operations and Technology                          235
DT081 Computer & Communications Engineering                        335
DT101 Architecture                                                 #542
DT106 Planning and Environmental Management                        375
DT110 Property Economics (Valuation Surveying)                     360
DT111 Construction Economics and Management (Quantity Surveying)   400
DT112 Geomatics                                                    290
DT117 Construction Management                                      360
DT203 Forensic and Environmental Analysis                          305
DT204 Biomedical Science                                           375
DT205 Mathematical Sciences                                        270
DT211 Computing                                                    235
DT222 Physics Technology                                           275
DT223 Human Nutrition and Dietetics                                535
DT224 Optometry                                                    520
DT227 Science with Nanotechnology                                  295
DT228 Computer Science                                             230
DT229 Clinical Measurement                                         315
DT235 Physics with Medical Physics and Bioengineering              285
DT341 Marketing                                                    385
DT343 Retail and Services Management                               350
DT354 Business Computing                                           330
DT358 Logistics and Supply Chain Management                        250
DT365 Business and Management                                      410
DT366 Accounting and Finance                                       425*
DT401 Hospitality Management                                       260
DT407 Culinary Arts                                                350
DT412 Tourism Marketing                                            265
DT413 Event Management                                             405
DT416 Food and Beverage Culinary Management                        245
DT417 Bar Studies (Management and Entrepreneurship)                275*
DT420 Nutraceuticals for Health and Nutrition                      350
DT480 Food Technology/Pharmaceutical Technology                    235
DT491 Environmental Health                                         340
DT501 Music                                                        #390
DT544 Design - Interior + Furniture                                #500
DT545 Design - Visual Communication                                #690
DT546 Fine Art                                                     #660
DT552 Media Arts                                                   445
DT553 Journalism                                                   445
DT555 International Business and Languages - (French)              390
DT556 International Business and Languages - (German)              325
DT557 International Business and Languages - (Spanish)             330*
DT559 Photography                                                  #635
DT564 International Business and Languages - (Italian)             310
DT565 Chinese and International Business                           325
DT571 Social Care                                                  405
DT572 Early Childhood Education                                    385
DT582 Journalism with a language                                   400
DL041 Animation                                                    #635
DL042 Photography                                                  #819
DL043 Visual Communications                                        #560
DL044 Visual Arts Practice (Fine Art)                              #440
DL045 Film and Television Production                               #879
DL046 Modelmaking, Design and Digital Effects #560
DL141 Applied Psychology                                           310
DL143 Multimedia Systems/Web Engineering                           245
DL241 English, Media and Cultural Studies 350
DL242 Business Studies and Arts Management                         255
DL245 Business Studies - Entrepreneurship                          250
FR001 Education - Primary Teaching                                 460*
FR002 Education - Primary Teaching - Gaeltacht Applicants          420
GC200 Business Studies                                                 
GC201 Accounting and Finance                                           
GC203 Law                                                          305
GC400 Business Studies                                             265
GC401 Accounting and Finance                                       255
GC403 Law                                                          305
GC404 Business and Law                                             270
GC405 International Hospitality Management                         230
GC406 Business Studies (Marketing)                                     
GC430 Computing Science                                            280
GC450 Journalism and Visual Media                                  245
GC489 Interior Architecture                                        240
GC494 Fashion Design (Level 8)                                     #280
BN101 Business                                                     215
BN102 Business with Information Technology and a Language          290
BN103 Business and Information Technology                          280
BN104 Computing (Information Technology)                           225
BN105 Engineering (Mechatronics)                                   205
BN106 Engineering (Computer Engineering)                           240
BN107 Applied Social Studies in Social Care                        320
BN108 Engineering (Degree options in Computer Eng. or Mechatronics) 215
BN109 Business                                                     250
BN110 International Business                                       255
BN111 Sports Management and Coaching                               260
BN112 Creative Digital Media (Level 8)                             240
TA021 Arts - European Studies                                      180
TA022 Arts - Creative Digital Media                                315
TA023 Arts - Advertising and Marketing Communications              250
TA121 Business - Accounting                                        260
TA122 Business - Management                                        260
TA123 Business - Marketing Management                              245
TA321 Science - Pharmaceutical Science                             210
TA322 Science - Computing                                          225
TA323 Science - Information Technology Management                  250
TA325 Science - Bioanalytical Science                              305
MD201 Religion, Education and English - second level teaching 400
MD301 Religion, Education and History - second level teaching 390
MD401 Religion, Education and Music - second level teaching #360
MD500 Irish Studies and Religious Studies - Arts                   315
PT018 Theology, Spirituality and Pastoral Ministry - Mature     
AD012 Industrial Design                                            #+matriculate
AD111 1st Year (Core)                                              #+matriculate
NC001 Accounting and Human Resource Management                     290
NC003 Software Systems                                             250
NC004 Business Information Systems                                 260
NC005 Human Resource Management                                    290
NC006 Accounting                                                   290
NC007 Financial Services                                           290
NC011 Accounting and Human Resource Management - ABP Applicants    265
NC013 Software Systems - Area Based Partnership Applicants         285
NC014 Business Information Systems - Area Based Partnership     
NC015 Human Resource Management - Area Based Partnership     
NC016 Accounting - Area Based Partnership Applicants               240
NC017 Financial Services - Area Based Partnership Applicants           
PB250 Law                                                          235
PB251 Accounting and Finance                                       290
PB253 Business Studies                                             195
PB254 Marketing                                                    235
RC001 Medicine                                                     570*
RC004 Physiotherapy                                                510*
RC005 Pharmacy                                                     545*
RC010 General Nursing                                                  
RC101 Medicine - Graduate Entry                                    #59
PD101 Education - Primary Teaching                                 470*
PD102 Education - Primary Teaching - Gaeltacht Applicants          #430
PD103 Arts/Humanities                                              425*
TR002 Music                                                        **435*
TR003 History                                                      450*
TR004 Law                                                          535
TR005 Philosophy                                                   430*
TR006 Psychology                                                   540*
TR007 Clinical Speech and Language Studies                         515
TR008 Religions and Theology                                       335
TR009 Music Education                                              **465
TR010 Computer Science, Linguistics and German 445
TR011 Computer Science, Linguistics and French 430
TR012 History and Political Science                                510*
TR013 Computer Science, Linguistics and Irish     
TR014 Philosophy and Political Science                             470
TR015 Philosophy, Political Science, Economics and Sociology 505*
TR018 Law and French                                               580
TR019 Law and German                                               535*
TR021 Classics                                                     410
TR022 Early and Modern Irish                                       345
TR023 English Studies                                              500*
TR024 European Studies                                             495
TR025 Drama and Theatre Studies                                    ***485*
TR026 Germanic Languages                                           450
TR027 Irish Studies                                                380
TR031 Mathematics                                                  450
TR032 Engineering                                                  455*
TR033 Computer Science                                             355
TR034 Management Science and Information Systems Studies           435
TR035 Theoretical Physics                                          500
TR038 Engineering with Management                                  375
TR051 Medicine                                                     585*
TR052 Dental Science                                               555*
TR053 Physiotherapy                                                520
TR054 Occupational Therapy                                         495*
TR055 Radiation Therapy                                            505*
TR071 Science                                                      415
TR072 Pharmacy                                                     545*
TR073 Human Genetics                                               485
TR074 Chemistry with Molecular Modelling                           410
TR075 Medicinal Chemistry                                          450*
TR076 Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials                  385
TR081 Business, Economic and Social Studies 470*
TR083 Sociology and Social Policy                                  435*
TR084 Social Studies (Social Work)                                 490
TR085 Business Studies and French                                  510*
TR086 Business Studies and German                                  420*
TR087 Business Studies and Russian                                 410*
TR089 Business Studies and Polish                                  415
TR090 Business Studies and Spanish                                 470
TR091 General Nursing (Meath and St James's)                       360
TR092 Mature Applicants General Nursing (Meath and St James's)     #159
TR093 General Nursing (Adelaide School of Nursing)                 #375
TR094 Mature Applicants General Nursing (Adelaide School of Nursing) #171
TR095 Psychiatric Nursing                                          290
TR096 Mature Applicants Psychiatric Nursing                        #130
TR097 Intellectual Disability Nursing                              290
TR098 Mature Applicants Intellectual Disability Nursing            #141
TR911 Children's and General Nursing (Integrated)                  465*
TR912 Mature Applicants Children's and General Nursing (Integrated) #168
TR913 Midwifery                                                    405*
TR914 Mature Applicants Midwifery                                  #170
  For TR001 subject options, please see 
  the table "Two-subject moderatorship (TR001)"
DN001 Architecture                                                 525
DN002 Medicine                                                     575
DN004 Radiography                                                  510
DN005 Veterinary Medicine                                          555
DN006 Physiotherapy                                                520
DN007 Social Science                                               390
DN008 Science                                                      300
DN009 Law (BCL)                                                    500
DN010 Agricultural Science                                         375
DN012 Arts                                                         350
DN013 Commerce - Business with Chinese Studies                     475
DN015 Commerce                                                     455
DN016 Commerce (International) - with German                       425
DN017 Commerce (International) - with French                       490
DN018 Commerce (International) - with Spanish                      455
DN019 Commerce (International) - with Italian                      435
DN020 Actuarial and Financial Studies                              555
DN021 Business and Law                                             490*
DN022 Arts part-time (Evening)                                     225
DN023 Arts part-time (Day)                                             
DN024 Sport and Exercise Management                                380
DN026 Economics and Finance                                        505
DN028 BCL Maîtrise                                                 535
DN029 Law with French Law (BCL)                                    495
DN030 Computer Science - Science                                   335
DN031 Theoretical Physics                                          405
DN032 Mathematical Science                                         465
DN033 Physics with Astronomy and Space Science                     335
DN034 Pharmacology                                                 465
DN035 Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology                     420
DN036 Neuroscience                                                 470
DN037 Biomedical, Health and Life Sciences 505
DN038 Climate and Earth System Science                             320
DN039 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology                           465
DN040 Food Science                                                 360
DN041 Landscape Architecture                                       390
DN042 Forestry                                                     330
DN043 Food and Agribusiness Management                             375
DN044 Agri-Environmental Sciences                                  320
DN045 Animal and Crop Production                                   340
DN046 Animal Science                                               365
DN047 Engineering Technology                                       360
DN048 Horticulture, Landscape and Sportsturf Management 315
DN049 Animal Science - Equine                                      415
DN050 Computer Science - Arts                                      300
DN051 Economics                                                    440
DN052 History                                                      460
DN053 Philosophy                                                   400
DN054 Psychology                                                   500
DN055 English                                                      480
DN056 Integrated BA/MA Masters degree programme                    410
DN057 Arts (International) - French                                445
DN058 Arts (International) - German                                330
DN059 Arts (International) - Spanish                               495
DN060 Law with History                                             525
DN061 History, Politics and International Relations 495
DN062 Economics and Politics                                       470
DN063 Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy 435
DN065 Law with Politics                                            545
DN066 Law with Philosophy                                          505
DN067 Law with Economics                                           545
DN071 Chemical Engineering or Bioprocess Engineering               425
DN072 Civil Engineering                                            470
DN073 Electronic Engineering or Electrical Engineering             355
DN074 Mechanical Engineering                                       360
DN076 Biosystems Engineering                                       455
DN077 Engineering                                                  475
DN078 Structural Engineering with Architecture                     495
DN080 Engineering Science                                          455
DN090 Human Nutrition                                              515
DN093 Archaeology and Geology                                      345
DN096 Health and Performance Science                               435
DN102 Medicine - Graduate Entry                                    #67
DN105 Veterinary Medicine - Graduate Entry route                   #
DN110 General Nursing                                              355*
DN111 Mature Applicants General Nursing                            #150*
DN116 Children's and General Nursing (Integrated)                  460
DN117 Mature Applicants Children's and General Nursing (Integrated) #154
DN118 Midwifery                                                    415
DN119 Mature Applicants Midwifery                                  #162*
DN120 Psychiatric Nursing                                          345
DN121 Mature Applicants Psychiatric Nursing                        #137
DK810 Accounting and Finance                                       300
DK812 Marketing                                                    280
DK814 Business Studies in International Management                 280
DK815 Public Relations                                             305
DK820 Computing in Games Development                               280
DK821 Computing in Internet Technologies                           260
DK830 Building Surveying                                           260
DK860 Applied Music                                                #
DK870 General Nursing                                              340
DK871 Mature Applicants General Nursing                            #159*
DK872 Intellectual Disability Nursing                              300
DK873 Mature Applicants Intellectual Disability Nursing            #150
DK874 Psychiatric Nursing                                          320
DK875 Mature Applicants Psychiatric Nursing                        #141
DK876 Early Childhood Studies                                      305*
DK877 Midwifery                                                    380
DK878 Mature Applicants Midwifery                                  #169*
DK880 Health Promotion and Physical Activity                       305
GA180 Gnó agus Cumarsáid                                           270
GA181 Accounting                                                   305
GA380 Hotel and Catering Management                                240
GA480 Construction Management                                      330
GA481 Property Studies                                             340
GA780 Applied Freshwater and Marine Biology                        300
GA781 Applied Biology and Biopharmaceutical Science                305
GA782 Chemical & Pharmaceutical Science                            315
GA783 Physics and Instrumentation                                  345
GA784 Science (Undenominated)                                      315
GA785 Medical Science                                              375
GA880 General Nursing (Castlebar)                                  350
GA881 Mature Applicants General Nursing (Castlebar)                #168
GA882 Psychiatric Nursing (Castlebar)                              320
GA883 Mature Applicants Psychiatric Nursing (Castlebar)            #164
GA980 Design and Technology Education (Letterfrack)                395
GY101 Arts                                                         345
GY102 Arts (Economic and Social Studies at St Angela's College Sligo) 225
GY103 Arts (Public and Social Policy)                              310
GY104 Arts (Psychology)                                            515*
GY105 Arts (History)                                               345
GY106 Na Dána (Cumarsáid)                                          285
GY107 Na Dána (Gaeilge agus Léann an Aistrúcháin)                 305
GY108 Na Dána (Riarachán Gnó)                                      400
GY109 Arts (Mathematics and Education)                             325
GY110 Arts with Children's Studies                                 425
GY111 Arts with Creative Writing                                   480
GY112 Arts with Film Studies                                       430
GY113 Arts with Human Rights                                       385
GY114 Arts with Irish Studies                                      340
GY115 Arts with Theatre and Performance                            450
GY116 Arts with Women's Studies                                    300
GY201 Commerce                                                     365*
GY202 Commerce (International) with French                         440
GY203 Commerce (International) with German                         355
GY204 Commerce (International) with Spanish                        320
GY205 Commerce (International) with Italian                        350
GY206 Business Information Systems                                 300
GY207 Commerce (Accounting)                                        450*
GY250 Corporate Law                                                430
GY251 Civil Law                                                    480
GY301 Science                                                      280
GY303 Biomedical Science                                           440
GY304 Biotechnology                                                290
GY306 Computing Studies/Mathematical Science                       415
GY308 Environmental Science                                        330
GY309 Financial Mathematics and Economics                          385
GY310 Marine Science                                               305*
GY313 Health & Safety Systems                                      300
GY314 Earth and Ocean Sciences                                     285
GY315 Physics and Applied Physics                                  365
GY316 Physics with Medical Physics                                 340
GY317 Physics with Astrophysics                                    350
GY318 Biopharmaceutical Chemistry Honours Bachelor Degree          330
GY350 Information Technology                                       370
GY401 Engineering (Undenominated)                                  400
GY402 Civil Engineering                                            425*
GY403 Electronic Engineering                                       380
GY404 Industrial Engineering                                       385
GY405 Mechanical Engineering                                       360
GY406 Electronic and Computer Engineering                          445
GY408 Biomedical Engineering                                       405
GY409 Environmental Engineering                                    415
GY410 Project and Construction Management                          330
GY411 Sports and Exercise Engineering                              385
GY501 Medicine                                                     570*
GY502 Occupational Therapy                                         490*
GY503 Speech and Language Therapy                                  515*
GY504 Podiatry                                                     400
GY515 General Nursing (Galway and Portiuncula)                     390*
GY516 Psychiatric Nursing                                          350*
GY517 Midwifery                                                    380*
GY525 Mature Applicants General Nursing (Galway and Portiuncula)   #164*
GY526 Mature Applicants Psychiatric Nursing                        #164
GY527 Mature Applicants Midwifery                                  #170*
LY708 Applied Computing                                            235
LY908 General Nursing                                              340
LY918 Psychiatric Nursing                                          300
LY928 Intellectual Disability Nursing                              290
LY938 Mature Applicants General Nursing                            #169
LY948 Mature Applicants Psychiatric Nursing                        #155
LY958 Mature Applicants Intellectual Disability Nursing            #130
LC102 Art and Design                                               #700
LC331 Software Development                                         275
LC341 Multimedia Programming and Design                            280
LC391 Computer Networks and Systems                                260
LC421 Civil Engineering Management                                 325
LC471 Quantity Surveying                                           360
LC481 Real Estate (Property Valuation and Management)              310
LC491 Construction Management                                      330
LC651 Science (Pharmaceutical and Forensic Analysis)               370
LC661 Drug and Medicinal Product Analysis                          305
LC921 Applied Social Studies (Social Care)                         325
LC931 Business Studies (Tourism)                                   295
LC941 Business Studies (Event Management)                          270
LC951 Law and Taxation                                             360
MI004 Liberal Arts                                                 385
MI005 Education - Primary Teaching                                 475
MI006 Education - Primary Teaching - Gaeltacht Applicants          435
MI007 Early Childhood Care and Education                           335
MI008 Primary Teaching in Education and Psychology                 545*
CI101 Counselling and Psychometric Testing                         250
CI102 Counselling Skills and Addiction                             290
CI105 Youth and Counselling Studies                                270
LM020 Law and Accounting                                           475
LM022 Politics and International Relations                         355
LM023 Health Informatics                                           320
LM029 Law Plus                                                     485
LM030 Irish Music and Dance                                        #300
LM031 Voice and Dance                                              #305
LM032 Arts (Joint Honours)                                         440
LM033 New Media and English                                        370
LM035 English and History                                          350
LM036 Economics and Sociology                                      340
LM037 Economics and Mathematical Sciences                          430
LM038 Psychology and Sociology                                     505*
LM039 Journalism & New Media                                       410
LM040 European Studies                                             350
LM041 Public Administration                                        315
LM042 Law and European Studies                                     455
LM043 International Insurance and European Studies                 375
LM044 Applied Languages                                            430
LM045 Language and Cultural Studies                                350
LM046 History, Politics, Sociology and Social Studies 350
LM048 Irish and New Media/An Ghaeilge agus na Meáin Úra            390
LM050 Business Studies                                             390*
LM051 Computer Systems                                             300
LM052 Business Studies and a Modern Language (French)              380
LM053 Business Studies and a Modern Language (German)              385
LM055 Business Studies and a Modern Language (Japanese)            430
LM058 Financial Mathematics                                        355
LM060 Mathematical Sciences                                        385
LM061 Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemistry                      355
LM062 Biomedical and Advanced Materials                            310
LM063 Production Management                                        305
LM064 Industrial Biochemistry                                      365
LM065 Applied Physics                                              360
LM066 Environmental Science                                        355
LM067 Wood Science and Technology                                  305
LM068 Food Science and Health                                      350
LM069 Computer Engineering                                         435
LM070 Electronic Engineering                                       395
LM071 Biomedical Engineering                                       415
LM073 Mechanical Engineering                                       395
LM074 Computer Aided Engineering and Design                        510
LM075 Engineering Science                                          355
LM076 Product Design and Technology                                340
LM077 Aeronautical Engineering                                     395
LM079 Manufacturing Engineering                                    375
LM080 Electronic Systems                                           315
LM081 Manufacturing Systems                                        345
LM082 Construction Management and Engineering                      380
LM083 Applied Computing and Network Technologies                   370
LM085 Civil Engineering                                            490
LM086 Health & Safety                                              325
LM089 Sport & Exercise Sciences                                    425
LM090 Physical Education with concurrent Teacher Education         480
LM092 Science with concurrent Teacher Ed (Bio Sci with Phys or Chem) 450*
LM093 Equine Science                                               305
LM094 Materials and Construction Technology with concurrent Teacher ed 430
LM095 Materials and Engineering Technology with concurrent Teacher ed 420
LM096 Science with concurrent Teacher Education (Physics and Chem) 470
LM098 Languages with concurrent Teacher Education                  395
LM099 Architecture                                                 #490*
LM100 Physiotherapy                                                555*
LM101 Medicine - Graduate Entry                                    #57
LM110 Multimedia and Computer Games Development                    330
LM111 Medical Electronics                                              
LM112 Robotic Engineering                                          410
LM113 Digital Media Design                                         335
LM114 Music, Media and Performance Technology 395
LM150 General Nursing                                              425
LM151 Mature Applicants General Nursing                            #170
LM152 Mental Health Nursing                                        355
LM153 Mature Applicants Mental Health Nursing                      #157
LM154 Intellectual Disability Nursing                              365
LM155 Mature Applicants Intellectual Disability Nursing            #127
LM156 Midwifery                                                    410*
LM157 Mature Applicants Midwifery                                  #183
MH101 Arts                                                         355
MH102 Music Technology                                             400
MH103 Music                                                        #
MH104 Mathematics                                                  510
MH106 Psychology                                                   490
MH107 Social Science                                               385
MH108 European Studies                                             360
MH109 Media Studies                                                425
MH110 Multimedia                                                   365
MH111 Anthropology                                                 370
MH112 Politics                                                     360
MH113 History                                                      370
MH114 English                                                      450
MH115 Law (BCL) and Arts                                           475
MH201 Science                                                      320
MH202 Biotechnology                                                340
MH203 Computer Science and Software Engineering                    325
MH204 Physics with Astrophysics                                    410
MH206 Theoretical Physics and Mathematics                          485
MH207 Genetics and Bioinformatics                                  370
MH208 Biological and Biomedical Sciences                           380
MH209 Psychology (through Science)                                 450
MH210 Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Chemistry                      350
MH211 Multimedia                                                   345
MH212 Science Education                                            455
MH301 Computer Engineering                                         350
MH302 Electronic Engineering                                       385
MH303 Communications Engineering                                   AQA
MH304 Common entry in Computer, Electronic and Comms Eng 370
MH305 Product Design (Marketing and Innovation)                    305
MH401 Finance                                                      350
MH402 Finance and Venture Management (with Bioscience or Electron.) 355
MH403 Finance and Accounting                                       375
MH404 Business and Management                                      405
MH405 Equine Business                                              355
MH406 Business and Law                                             465
MU001 Theology and Arts                                            315
MU002 Theology                                                     305
SN001 Business Studies in International Hotel Management           #466
SN002 Commerce                                                     #580
SG141 Business (Level 8)                                           280
SG145 Computing in Web Development                                     
SG241 Performing Arts                                              230
SG242 Early Childhood Education                                    320
SG341 Quality Management and Technology                                
SG342 Civil Engineering                                            330
SG343 Quantity Surveying                                           330
SG441 Environmental Science and Technology                         280
SG445 Pharmaceutical Science                                       260
SG446 Applied Archaeology                                          275
SG448 Forensic Investigation and Analysis                          280
AS001 Home Economics and Biology - second level teaching           465*
AS002 Home Economics and Religious Education - second level teaching 450
AS003 Home Economics and Irish - second level teaching             450
AS004 Home Economics and Economics/Consumer Studies - second level 430*
AS110 General Nursing                                              355*
AS111 Mature Applicants General Nursing                            #165
AS130 Intellectual Disability Nursing                              320*
AS131 Mature Applicants Intellectual Disability Nursing            #140
TI007 Social and Community Studies                                 295*
TI008 Environmental and Natural Resource Management                235
TI010 Accounting and Finance                                       295
TI013 Business                                                     230
TI015 Computing - Software Development                             235
TI018 Computing - Games Design and Development                     210
TI113 Business                                                     225
TI117 Information Technology - Creative Multimedia                 295
TH001 Education, Business Studies and Religious Studies 320*
TL110 General Nursing                                              375
TL111 Mature Applicants General Nursing                            #153
TL115 Psychiatric Nursing                                          360
TL116 Mature Applicants Psychiatric Nursing                        #134
TL160 Early Childhood Care and Education                           275
TL285 Business Studies                                             270
TL290 Interactive Multimedia                                       280
TL291 TV, Radio and New Media Broadcasting 255
TL292 Music Technology                                             250
TL330 Computing with Games Development                             290
TL360 Computing with Multimedia                                    365
TL400 Wildlife Biology                                             350
TL410 Pharmaceutical Analysis with Forensics                       305
WD025 Construction Management (and Engineering)                    305
WD027 Music                                                        #280
WD028 Applied Computing                                            305
WD048 Business                                                     305
WD049 Business (with French)                                       405
WD079 Business Management with Law                                 290
WD080 Business Studies (with German)                               345
WD084 Accounting                                                   335
WD085 Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering                     270
WD086 Electronic Engineering                                       375
WD091 Hospitality Management                                       280
WD095 Marketing                                                    295
WD116 General Nursing                                              385
WD117 Psychiatric Nursing                                          330
WD120 Intellectual Disability Nursing                              330
WD123 Languages and Marketing                                      325
WD124 Health Promotion                                             300
WD125 Exercise and Health Studies                                  295
WD127 Retail Management                                            270
WD132 Physics with Computing                                       330
WD134 International Business                                       320
WD135 Applied Social Studies in Social Care                        335
WD137 Design (Visual Communications)                               300
WD140 Legal Studies                                                300
WD144 Architecture                                                 455
WD147 Pharmaceutical Science                                       300
WD148 Tourism Marketing                                            275
WD149 Early Childhood Studies                                      300
WD150 Criminal Justice                                             290
WD152 Visual Arts                                                  275
WD160 Finance and Investment                                       315
WD161 Computer Forensics                                           270
WD162 Quantity Surveying                                           310
WD163 Psychology                                                   340
WD816 Mature Applicants General Nursing                            #174
WD817 Mature Applicants Psychiatric Nursing                        #160
WD820 Mature Applicants Intellectual Disability Nursing            #157