What can you do?

Things you can do

Sign up to the campaign and be inspired. There are many different ways you can begin to use the Irish you have. The limit is your imagination. And have some fun using it. See below for a list of fun things that you can do with friends & family to show your bród.

Download the Campaign Posters

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Poster Poster

Post Facebook and Twitter updates as Gaeilge

Change your phone voicemail message from English to Irish

Help your children or brothers or sisters with their Irish homework

Watch an Irish television programme

Change your kitchen notice board to Irish

Order a pint/drink in Irish at the local pub

Host a table quiz or speed dating night ‘as Gaeilge’ to raise money for your favourite charity

Arrange an Irish-speaking lunch or dinner with your family and friends (including Irish)

Start a Club Cúpla Focal to meet each week in a local café or pub

When using the ATM choose the Irish option

Greet people at work or in the shop in Irish

Change your email signature to Irish

Living abroad and interested in using cúpla focal again?

That’s no reason not to use your Irish. In fact it might be a way of meeting up with like minded fellow country men and women in far flung places. Join the Bród Club and tell us where you are in the world and we’ll try and put you in touch with other Bród Club members, wherever you are.

And there is something you could do for us right now. We want to hear and see Irish used everywhere. Make a video of you and your friends using Irish in your new country. Go one step further and help us make a viral – sing Oró Sé Do Bheatha ‘Bhaile against a backdrop that shows us where you are in the world – eg – Red Square; The top of the Empire State Building; The London Eye; The Eiffel Tower; in front of Sydney Opera House; outside the Taj Mahal …wherever you are.

This Week’s Task

Answer your mobile phone all this week with an Irish greeting such as Hi, conas atá tu? and say goodbye with Slán go fóill. And / or change your voicemail so it is bi-lingual.