Technical Spec (PDF) Please read these before using any RTÉ logos 
  RTÉ Individual Prog Logos
  RTÉ Individual Prog Logos

RTÉ Individual Programme Logos for use off screen

Guidelines for individual programme logo design for use off screen
  It is essential that all RTÉ programmes are closely linked with the RTÉ brand.
  The programme logo used should resemble the on-air ident.

Logo design grid
  RTÉ must be a minimum of 30% height of the actual programme title.
  The programme logo must be designed to work in all media including Web and print.
  The same guidelines that apply to all RTÉ logos apply to RTÉ programme logos.
  High resolution artwork is essential to ensure clear reproduction.
  Individual programme logos may not be used for stationery or business cards.

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