Technical Spec (PDF) Please read these before using any RTÉ logos 

Technical Specifications

RTÉ has a powerful and unique property in its brand. The RTÉ brand must be presented with the ownership, pride and consistency it deserves.

These technical specifications detail the technical specifications for the use of all RTÉ logos. The internal publication, the RTÉ Brand Guidelines is a manual for use by RTÉ staff who deal with the brand and logos.

It was drawn up by the RTÉ Corporate Identity Unit (CIU) in consultation with the Integrated Business Divisions (IBDs).

  Key Principles
These technical specifications must be followed at all times irrespective of whatever or whoever is involved.

The RTÉ person who supplies the technical specifications to a third party is responsible for their correct usage and must be consulted for formal approval.

The technical specifications cover six areas:

  RTÉ Logo

  RTÉ Services

  RTÉ Super strands

  RTÉ House Style

  RTÉ Individual programme logo design for use off screen

  The RTÉ end frame credits

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Please read these before using any RTÉ logos:
Technical Specifications.pdf (English) 

  RTÉ Corporate Identity Unit Contact:
Sheena King,
Telephone: 01 208 3980


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