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Live Show One in the can

Published: 18/03/13

The first of the lives and it was all about half naked dancers, visible underwear and a triumphant return for Sharon’s gold pants!


The coaches kicked off the show quite literally with their group rendition of ‘Teenage Kicks”; though it’d be fair to say it’s been more than a few years since any of these got asked for ID in their local offie.


Mark’s dancers strutted their stuff in teeny tiny red hotpants while Shane’s started off respectably enough in leather leggings, then whipped off their tops and danced around in their bras – and on the day of our national saint too, the blasphemy! Sharon also picked up on the ‘underwear as outerwear’ vibe, gamely sporting a lace thong pinned to her chest, as you do…Of course Eoghan had to go one better and managed to find a big sparkly pair of pants to don himself!


Kian got stroppy (as usual), this time with Jamelia for giving her own team such high scores “Ya cant be doin’ that!” and proceeded to harp on about it all night. He even went so far as to say it was his low point of the night – harsh, Ego, harsh! He also slagged off Bressie for his “awful” Depeche Mode song choice – adding to his list of music acts NOT to invite around to tea.


While Jamelia was not a happy camper about her ‘Little Firecracker’ Dylan’s middling scores, the lad himself admitted he was just delighted that all the coaches scored him above five -aw!


Ladies got to swoon over a tie-less Bressie in a tux, every girl’s dream, though he was missing the accompanying box of Milk Tray.


Eoghan was full of the challenges backstage, from trying to get #goldpants trending again to making Jamelia speak gaeilge and Sophie say a load of complicated stuff that no one understood in Italian.


Daryl was told he looked like he fell off the One Direction truck, and Kian admitted the youngster was his ‘guilty pleasure’ – strange description there Ego.


Andy sang ‘Umbrella’, appropriate for the pissy day that was in it, and told us he’d do anything to get to the final. He’d even go so far as to get Kian’s face tatooed on his arse (or was that get Kian’s arse tatooed on his face?)


Velvin was so hot Kathyrn had to cover her mouth when she said his name, and Bressie wasn’t sure if Ireland was ready for the Velvster’s chippendale act. It seems he was right as the Yank was sent home along with Dean, Sophie and Daryl in the bloodbath that followed. At least Sharon softened the blow somewhat by prancing around in her #goldpants a la Whacko Jacko – tune in next week to see if she can top this…..



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