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Published: 13/05/13

What a finale! Donegal V Cork, just like an All Ireland final as Shane pointed out. Only without the Hurley’s a-course.

We saw contestants take their coaches to their respective home counties and parade them around the town like the Sam Maguire.

Bressie was gutted to learn there’s no McDonalds in Castletownroche, so he consoled himself by stealing Smarties off kids on the street. Mammies all over the village went mental for him and Shannon’s auntie even asked to lick his face.

Kian went first to Fermoy to be guest of honour at Kelly’s baby shower then on to Donegal to catch some surf with Shane. Shane showed he was a real pro by putting his wet suit on inside out and suffering ‘a near death surf experience’. Kian revealed he’d never had a cup of tea with a hundred people peering in the window before, but you could tell he was totally loving it.

Jamelia had the craic in Charleville and Keith’s mammy told everyone that the Brummie was the first bird her son had ever brought home, scarlet!

After Kelly gave a stellar performance Bressie told her she’s the best pregnant female singer he’s ever heard on a reality show. No doubt he’s seen quite a few…

Shane brewed up a storm on stage and seriously impressed the ladies. Sharon said he was sexy, Jamelia gave him a big hug and Kathryn couldn’t contain herself as she launched into an impromptu disco dance routine much to the coaches amusement.

Keith accused folk of stealing his dungarees then it turned out Jamelia was the thief, the crafty mare! Bressie told Keith he was impressed with the way he uses his hand then told viewers he wasn’t chosen as coach for his intelligence.

Eoghan did a sterling impression of Patrick Swayze as he danced to Time Of My Life in the hallway and gave Kathryn a big smooch which no doubt left the poor woman scarred for life.

Bday Boy Kian was presented with a montage of puddings, doughnuts and arses.

And then the results came in! Shannon came fourth, Shane in third place, and Kelly was second which meant Keith was crowned the winner – he must be feeling pretty UNBELIEVABLE right now!!


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