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It’s the Semi-Finals, just one more to go!

Published: 27/04/13

The semi-finals started in style with the coaches singing and some nifty steps from Prodijig – Riverdance eat your heart out!

There was lots of talk of tackle, tweets accusing the coaches of being deaf and Bressie giving out about monitors again.

Soon it was time for the inaugural ‘The Voice Has Got Talent’ and contestants showed us they’re more than just a pretty voice as Kelly played a tin whistle, Shannon gave it socks on the accordion and Keith (along with his lovely assistant Eoghan) paid homage to the legendary Wham.

Shane asked for sugar to be poured on him as he cavorted with dancing girls in leopard print pants. He also fessed up that he got kicked off the Luas last week for dodging a fare, though he swore he just mislaid his ticket…

Shannon revealed she’s not a politician (in case we were wondering) and that John was miffed with her for stealing his song. Bold Shannon!

With only days to go before she’s due, Kelly had everyone on tenterhooks over whether she would deliver a song or a baby on stage. But there was no need to worry as Bressie reassured everyone he’d googled how to be a midwife so she’d be grand.

John told us that ex-con saucy swimmer Alexandra had given him a hand with French oral after Eoghan let the minx out of his basement. Bet that didn’t go down too well with his girlfriend or his FHM stalker.

Katy Anna achieved her goal of being the perfect mix of Disney and dark (interesting combination there), but shocked the nation when she admitted to doing the dirt on Bressie – with Kian??!!

Keith sang about being crazy then invited Jamelia to a cheese fest in Cork, while Eoghan made scandalous accusations about Kathyrn being legless in Coppers, the brute!

Sharon told Kian to get back in his box but he indignantly refused, while Bressie sang about his love of caravans.

The results saw poor Katy Anna and John get their marching orders and an unbelievable hat-trick from the rebel county.

So now we have our final four. Kelly won the talent contest with her whistle, but will she be crowned Queen of The Voice? Will the Cork vote be split between Kelly, Shannon and Keith? Will Shane manage to stay out of trouble with the law and avoid arrest before the final? Tune in on Sunday to find out…





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