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The week of testing tweets

Published: 03/04/13

The third of the lives already, and this week was full of testing tweets, animal associations and.. well.. arse talk.

We learnt there’s not much love for AC/DC in Cork, fans don’t vote for contestants based on their hair (or do they?), and Kian doesn’t like it when folk prance around the stage.
Shannon told us she has great craic crashing cars and was delighted to be the star of the World’s Cringiest Video. Sinead has been canvassing bingo halls for the OAP vote, while Andy revealed he’s after the chubby chasers market.

After having his fill of knickers last week Eoghan asked viewers to send in pics of their boobs, slapped Andy’s arse – and then complained he doesn’t get paid enough… He also compared Sinead to Liverpudlian Christopher Maloney, hope that doesn’t mean she’ll turn up legless to the final!
John rejected Kathryn’s Facebook friend request as he’s too busy being stalked by an FHM model while ‘One word Ray’ still can’t bring himself to listen to Westlife songs on the radio. Speaking of which, Kian told Wayne he’d love to see him do a ballad.

Kian revealed he prefers Andy’s right cheek and told us he was so excited about the prospect of being immortalised in tattoo form that he’d even pay for the honour. Kian then made demands to be lifted out of his seat, talk about diva behaviour!

Roisin pretended to be a goat while Jamelia was accused of being a horse. Mark called John a little pup and was going on about being a lion again, would Sharon ever stop encouraging him with this Mowgli business, such nonsense!

In the Engine Room’s therapy session a sadistic Eoghan forced the coaches to read out harsh tweets about themselves. After Jamelia’s equestrian evaluation Sharon was told to scoff a sambo and Bressie’s rugby prowess was called into question. However poor Kian really got the brunt of it as his tweet said he was the most annoying person on the planet and should be punched in the face – with an iron! Watch out McDermott, word on the street is theres a revenge attack being planned!!

Results saw Sinead get through (go on the grannies!) over Shannon (jeez they REALLY don’t like AC/DC in the rebel county.) John was the pup that roared over the lion Mark, and Ray’s getting through made Kian realise his dream of being on an arse was over. He was so upset by this he even refused to talk to Kathryn!, Roisin’s goat impressions clearly didn’t go down too well as she was trumped by a dapper Wayne (who looked mighty fine in his suit and tie) while the much coveted lifeline was thrown to Shannon – must have been the hair that swung it..


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