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Thong Part Deux..

Published: 31/03/13

The second of the lives saw arguments over leather kaks, various references to bodily secretions and yet MORE underpants.

A bolshy Jamelia claimed she had no regrets over her scandalous voting tactics the previous week even going so far as to say she’d do it again – put that in your pipe!!

Eoghan looked particularly fetching in a pair of sexy specs and a quiff that’d make Jedward well jell. He had great craic in the engine room looking at pics of folk in their knickers all night as well as tricking poor Jamelia into saying she wet herself in Irish. Although she somehow made it sound like Japanese. Eoghan was also in full zen mode telling Ray to lay his hands on Kelly’s belly to calm himself!

Bressie’s mammy had clearly scrubbed him up and sent him to work in his best threads, leaving us to wonder just what is under that suit and tie.

Keith had the hump with Beyonce for not sending him a good luck tweet, the cheeky mare! But not to worry as he got a few nines AND the first ten of the series.

Kian was in violent form on the tape, encouraging his team to beat each other and warning them in a menacing tone that they’d better impress the HELL out of him- or else!! And Bressie wasn’t much better threatening to set Andrew’s leather trousers on fire. The poor fella was so stressed at the prospect of losing his beloved pants even Kathryn noticed his heavy breathing.

While Bressie admitted he’d forgotten how to count, Kian showed off his numerical skills giving Karl an 8 because it was two away from ten – guess who got an abacus for Christmas…

Sharon reassured us there were no rabbits on her team, just in case we were wondering, thanks for that Sharon. She then kicked Kian and accused him of being (tone) deaf.

John told us he’s delighted with his foray into fame so far. He revealed the best part has been the free pizza slices he’s getting at school. In fact he seemed more excited by that than being tweeted by an FHM model!

Meanwhile, Stephen told us that he’d had to go to the boys room NINE times during the night – ah here lads, talk about TMI!

Sinead got a tough time from the coaches over her pitching problems but Bressie defended her by blaming the monitors and she was also consoled by Eoghan who offered his sleeve for her to snot on. The charmer!

The weekly axe swung its ugly head once more and this time we unfortunately lost Jennifer, Karl, Stephen and Terri.

And to top her performance from last week Sharon went all ghetto on us with her rap version of the Thong song, accompanied by the melodious tones of Eoghan and our very own V Reporter Stephen. These guys should so form a band and enter Eurovision, they’d win it by a mile! Til next week…


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