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Kellie Lewis

(Nickname: Smelly Poois)

Age: 21.

From: Kilbehenny, Limerick.

Blind Audition Song: Running up that Hill - Kate Bush.

Kellie is studying music at UCC and is a girl with one thing on her mind - music, obviously. When not playing and performing with her band, she not only writes music but stories as well, so it’s no surprise to hear her favourite possession is her diary. She hopes to put her own personal stamp on this year’s competition, with her versatility and quirky individual style. She’s hates creepy crawlies of the 8 legged variety, so much so she can’t even bring herself to say their name, but apart from them which can’t be named, she is a big animal lover and detests animal cruelty.

Her ideal date would be with Will Ferrell, as he’s the funniest man alive, and her ideal guests for dinner would be Will, Zach Galifianakis & James Corden - we think Kellie may have a thing for big, funny men - as well as Adam Levine, Angelina Jolie and Neil Armstrong. That would be a very entertaining evening.

Twitter: @Kellie__Lewis

Instagram: Kellie__Lewis