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Daisy Valenzuela

(Nickname : Daisy Bell)

Age: 28.

From: Lucan, Co. Dublin (originally from Manila, The Philippines).

Blind Audition Song:Teenage Dream by Katy Perry.

Daisy is a busy woman, working 4 days a week as a health care assistant and then working 3 evening a week as a singer in a Thai restaurant. It sounds draining to us, but not if you love it as Daisy clearly does. She’s been performing on stage and in competitions since she was in fourth class, when she sang Help by The Beatles on her father’s recommendation. She’s hoping to move up a level now and thinks she’s got the talent and ability to go far.

When she’s not performing she likes to unwind by hitting the gym, practicing yoga or getting out and about the see the sights. She also really interested in psychology and positive thinking and you’ll usually find her nose in a book or three on the subjects. She’s likes to think that she has a good soul and that she smiles and laughs a lot, but finds people who eat with their mouths open or drive with their full beams on all the time to be no laughing matter