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  • 15/04/12

    The Quarter Finals

    The wait finally came to an end this week when all the Teams were assembled to make one master Team- Huzzah!Excitement was building backstage as the Talents got used to the new mix but the realization had definitely set in that this was their last chance to prove to their Coaches as well as the […]

  • 08/04/12

    End of An Era…

    Tonight marked an end of an era, with the Team Kian and Team Sharon performing for the last time on separate nights to Team Brian and Bressie. From next week on the finalists from each group will perform against each other every week. It was also time for the final Coach and Team performance, Kian […]

  • 01/04/12

    Oh My Goodness…. The Talent!

    Opening tonight’s Show, was our very own heartthrob Bressie and his extremely talented Team! They rocked the stage with The Kinks “All Day and All of the Night” and broke a few hearts while they were at it. We swear we saw some girl faint during Bressie’s guitar solo. The lovely Brendan Keeley schooled us […]

  • 27/03/12

    Pixie Lott- She’s So Hot Right Now!

    We were delighted to have the wonderfully talented Pixie Lott Live on The Voice of Ireland stage on Sunday!!!She is as lovely in person as she is on stage, V Reporter Claire Solan caught up with her backstage for a quick chat and if you missed her glorious performance of “Kiss the Stars” from her […]

  • 25/03/12

    Another Great Show!!

    Another Coach took to the stage this week to get the Show off to a flying start- our lovely Sharon Corr performed “Sweet Dreams” with her five Talents of the night. It was a spectacular performance, that left us thinking they would make a great SUPER girl group, with Kevin as an honorary member, of […]

  • 18/03/12

    The Stakes have Raised…

    Week three of the live shows, and the tension was noticeably increased in The Helix. To kick the show off to a great start, Team Brian performed “Life, Love and Happiness” by their Coaches’s side! A delighted Brian Kennedy was beaming with pride as the audience’s jaws were dropped. Then, first up to the stage […]

  • 11/03/12

    Week 2 of the Live Shows

    It was week two of the LIVE SHOWS here in The Helix tonight where Team Sharon and Team Kian gave us an amazing Show! Elliot Canavan Doyle started us off with A-HA’s “Take on Me”, Sharon voiced that she was still a little bitter he didn’t pick her back in the Blind Auditions! Next up […]

  • 05/03/12

    First Live Show!!

    Last night we had our first ever live show of the Voice of Ireland. Luckily, Kathryn Thomas was on hand to talk us through the breakdown of the show. The control was now given to the public to vote for their favourite talents and the top eight would then be safe to go on to […]

  • Hate to see you leave…

    Last night on The Voice Of Ireland’s first live show, Team Bressie and Team Brian both lost one of their Talents. The public voted and two from each team were left at the mercy of their Coaches. On Team Brian, Ryan O’Shaughnessy and Sinead Fox were up against each other but in the end Brian […]

  • 02/03/12

    Competition Time!

    As you know, ROYSEVEN will be performing at our first LIVE SHOW this weekend!!!For your chance to win some signed CDs from the band, we want you to tell us: WHOSE TEAM ARE YOU ON AND WHY??? Best answer will get the goods!!! Tell us your answer on our Facebook page or send them […]