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  • 05/03/12

    First Live Show!!

    Last night we had our first ever live show of the Voice of Ireland. Luckily, Kathryn Thomas was on hand to talk us through the breakdown of the show. The control was now given to the public to vote for their favourite talents and the top eight would then be safe to go on to […]

  • Hate to see you leave…

    Last night on The Voice Of Ireland’s first live show, Team Bressie and Team Brian both lost one of their Talents. The public voted and two from each team were left at the mercy of their Coaches. On Team Brian, Ryan O’Shaughnessy and Sinead Fox were up against each other but in the end Brian […]

  • 02/03/12

    Competition Time!

    As you know, ROYSEVEN will be performing at our first LIVE SHOW this weekend!!!For your chance to win some signed CDs from the band, we want you to tell us: WHOSE TEAM ARE YOU ON AND WHY??? Best answer will get the goods!!! Tell us your answer on our Facebook page or send them […]

  • ROYSEVEN to play at The Voice Of Ireland’s First Live Show

    For our first ever LIVE SHOW, Royseven will be performing their Meteor Award nominated “We Should Be Lovers”, which is the second single off their album You say, We Say. Not to mention, it was the most played Irish song on radio last year! We can’t wait to hear the lad’s new single “Walls” which […]

  • 27/02/12

    The Final Battle

    So now we have the final 24 Talents that will be going through to the LIVE SHOWS.Here’s a recap on this week’s show, the Final Battle….Ding ding ding. First up for team Sharon, we had Nollaig and Alan singing ‘Wild Horses’ by The Rolling Stones. Nollaig had trouble with her nerves in rehearsals but Alan […]

  • 24/02/12

    Sneak peak at the Coaches Behind the scenes!

    It’s nearly time for the last battle!So here’s a backstage peek at the coaches: See what their talents really want to know about them. This should keep you guys busy till Sunday!

  • 20/02/12

    ED Sheeran Wishes Everyone Good Luck!

    While in London, Voice presenter Eoghan McDermott bumped in to the one and only Ed Sheeran!The fantastic man wished everyone on the Voice of Ireland best of luck in the live shows and gave some words of wisdom: Such a nice boy! Check it out!!!

  • 13/02/12

    The Battle Is On

    Did anyone expect what went down last night? I don’t think so! 16 of our acts came out on stage and battled for their place in The Live Shows. Our coaches had the hard job of choosing and the decisions did not look easy. So here’s where we’re at so far: first up, Liam and […]

  • 05/02/12

    Battles, Here We Come

    The Blind Auditions are officially over, done and dusted, finito. Next week is The Battle Shows and they are going to be even more exciting, entertaining and spectacular. So, the teams are officially full and each coach has 12 acts to coach for The Battles. This week, Bressie added 2 new acts to round off […]

  • 29/01/12

    4 Down, 1 To Go

    So that was the second last episode of The Blind Auditions, next week we’re on to The Battle rounds. Here’s where we’re at: Bressie added 2 new acts to his team; harmonica playing Pat Byrne and sweet Kate Gilmore. Sharon added 3 new acts to her team; crooner Alan Lawlor, seductive Fauve Chapman and country […]