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  • 03/02/13

    It’s getting personal…

    Five weeks in saw the coaches being reduced to begging on their knees for contestants in-between making granddads cry… actually that was just Sharon – not an easy task while wearing gold spanx. Even the woman herself admitted she was a right tramp! Bressie’s wish for some girl on girl action came true as Sharon […]

  • 27/01/13

    TV Gold!

    Episode 4 was a night of controversial contestants and irate coaches… We had Andy McUnfraidh complaining that drunks were always taking his money and David Merriman calling Westlife out as a bunch of gits he hated, while Bressie told the other coaches they were acting like gobsh*tes and Sharon threatened to kill Kian… steady on […]

  • 22/01/13

    The Kian Egan Fightback

    So, week 3 of the blind auditions already – and what a night of faux pas from Mr.Egan! From not recognising the voice of his ex-protege, to making his first foray into the world of fashion. He came across as a man demented – especially when he started rocking back and forth in his chair […]

  • 06/01/13

    The Voice Is Back!

    What an eventful first night back on air! Bressie dropped the S-Bomb, Jamelia and Sharon got trigger happy with their buttons and Kian threw some fighting words at the Mullingar man! Jamelia is already proving to the perfect addition to the line up. Bringing an urban side to the coaches that Bressie has already tried […]

  • 09/12/12


    Dublin 04.12.12 Volkswagen is set to be the sponsor of The Voice of Ireland for a second year running. The Voice of Ireland proved to be a winning formula with viewers and Volkswagen is delighted to renew its successful sponsorship with the show, which this year will be sponsored by the new Volkswagen Golf. The […]

  • 11/05/12

    What A Journey!

    What a journey it has been and thank you all for sharing some wonderful moments with us. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the website for all the latest updates and we’ll be seeing you before you know it, We’ll leave you with our amazing winner of the first ever Voice of Ireland- PAT […]

  • 29/04/12

    It’s the Final Countdown…

      It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN duh, duh, duh, duhduhduhduh, duh, duh, duh (we tried)… How has it been nine weeks of Live shows already?! It’s absolutely flown by! Well here we are now, just after hearing the Results and my goodness what night it’s been! It came down to four very talented finalists; Richie Hayes, […]

  • 22/04/12

    The Gloves Are Off…

    This week on the Voice of Ireland, our eight remaining Talents battled it out to get their chance to release the single they performed on tonight’s Show on to iTunes! The majority power was put in to the hands of the audience at home, with the Coaches given 100 points each to award between their […]

  • 15/04/12

    The Quarter Finals

    The wait finally came to an end this week when all the Teams were assembled to make one master Team- Huzzah!Excitement was building backstage as the Talents got used to the new mix but the realization had definitely set in that this was their last chance to prove to their Coaches as well as the […]

  • 08/04/12

    End of An Era…

    Tonight marked an end of an era, with the Team Kian and Team Sharon performing for the last time on separate nights to Team Brian and Bressie. From next week on the finalists from each group will perform against each other every week. It was also time for the final Coach and Team performance, Kian […]