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  • Voice Dancers 2 09/01/14


    The Voice of Ireland is looking for professional dancers for the Live Shows in March and April. Auditions will take place on Sat 1st February. Please send your CV and Cover Letter to Closing date is the 29th January.

  • coaches 03/01/14

    The Voice of Ireland is Back!

    Ireland’s biggest talent show returns to our screens for its 3rd series this Sunday! It’s back and it’s bigger than ever. The New Year brings a new coach and new talent. Tune in to RTE One 6.30pm at to see who will make it through the first stages of the competition. The blind auditions haven’t […]

  • Picture-49-595x330

    Welcoming Dolores O’Riordan!

    The Voice of Ireland is delighted to welcome Dolores onto the coaches’ panel this season. The Irish legend will be joining Jamelia, Bressie and Kian as a coach for series 3. Tune in Sunday 5th January to catch the first episode on RTE One. Dolores O’Riordan is the lead singer of internationally beloved Irish band […]

  • 13/05/13


    What a finale! Donegal V Cork, just like an All Ireland final as Shane pointed out. Only without the Hurley’s a-course. We saw contestants take their coaches to their respective home counties and parade them around the town like the Sam Maguire. Bressie was gutted to learn there’s no McDonalds in Castletownroche, so he consoled […]

  • 27/04/13

    It’s the Semi-Finals, just one more to go!

    The semi-finals started in style with the coaches singing and some nifty steps from Prodijig – Riverdance eat your heart out! There was lots of talk of tackle, tweets accusing the coaches of being deaf and Bressie giving out about monitors again. Soon it was time for the inaugural ‘The Voice Has Got Talent’ and […]

  • 21/04/13

    Bressie’s Tackle…

    Can you believe it’s the Quarter Finals already? The show opened with some girl power from Stooshe then saw cosmetic dentistry confessions, arguments over post codes, and talk of arses and orals. Eoghan managed to get #tackleBressie to the top of the Twitter trends. However he failed miserably when it came to actually tackling the […]

  • 08/04/13

    Pimp My Goose

      After opening with a sterling performance from McFly, Live Show 4 saw scandalous accusations from coaches, alarming threats from contestants, copious amounts of kissing, and talk of er, goose-pimps… We learned Bressie doesn’t understand how the show works, Jamelia doesn’t have a problem with accents but does have difficulty getting into her chair and […]

  • 03/04/13

    The week of testing tweets

    The third of the lives already, and this week was full of testing tweets, animal associations and.. well.. arse talk. We learnt there’s not much love for AC/DC in Cork, fans don’t vote for contestants based on their hair (or do they?), and Kian doesn’t like it when folk prance around the stage. Shannon told […]

  • 31/03/13

    Thong Part Deux..

    The second of the lives saw arguments over leather kaks, various references to bodily secretions and yet MORE underpants. A bolshy Jamelia claimed she had no regrets over her scandalous voting tactics the previous week even going so far as to say she’d do it again – put that in your pipe!! Eoghan looked particularly […]

  • 18/03/13

    Live Show One in the can

    The first of the lives and it was all about half naked dancers, visible underwear and a triumphant return for Sharon’s gold pants!   The coaches kicked off the show quite literally with their group rendition of ‘Teenage Kicks”; though it’d be fair to say it’s been more than a few years since any of […]