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  • 23/03/15

    First Round Knockout

    Last night saw the return of The Voice Live shows and the new, epic Knockout round! Each coach pitched three contestants against each other but there was only space for one from each team to go through. Team Una was up first and saw Patrick Donoughue go through after a soulful performance. He was up […]

  • 09/03/15

    Another bump in the road

    The battles continue and as the teams get smaller the pressure is certainly rising! Team Kian started off the show this week, rockers Helena Bradley Bates and Stuart Bond battled it out for their place. Singing ‘Freebird’ they were naturals from the start. Helena had some big news to share, she’s pregnant- must be something […]

  • 01/03/15

    It’s all about the song choice…

    After last week’s battles, we had our hopes set high and we were not disappointed! Team Rachel kicked off the show with an epic battle. Taking on nothing major with, em, ‘Purple Rain’… Caoin and Paddy took a huge risk singing this song and they sure pulled it off. Putting Paddy through, Caoin was left […]

  • 26/02/15

    Let Battle Commence

    56 contestants were brought from the blind auditions to the battle stage and we’re about to cut that number in half… Are you ready? Because we sure are! The battles are one beautiful contradiction where despite the love each coach has towards their contestants they have to put them against each other and chose one, […]

  • 15/02/15

    The Last Chance

    The last chance to impress the coaches and limited spaces are enough to make anyone nervous – and that’s before the auditions even begin! Bressie went in to this blind audition with 2 spaces left, looking for a contemporary male singer he was set on what he needed. Hannah Stockwell Quinn was the lucky lady […]

  • 08/02/15

    Not a Chickens Chance…?!?

    Week six kicked off the beginning of the fight to the finish. Coaches are pitching hard, trying to get the best singers for their teams. Catherine Hughes took to the stage, having to pull out last year due after she went into labour on the day of her battle! She definitely proved her talent; turning […]

  • 01/02/15

    Keeping it in the family! – Episode 5 Recap

    Diversity and the unknown are what the blind auditions are best known for. This week we certainly saw plenty of that! With coaches expecting to be wowed by every audition, polished performances are the very least of their expectations. Ashley Loftus managed to achieve this opening the show. Grabbing the attention of all four coaches […]

  • 25/01/15

    Size Matters… Episode 4 Recap

    Hats and acoustic covers seem to be the running theme for the fourth series of the Voice of Ireland. Week four kicked off once again with a success. Chris Brady took to the stage first and having been given the thumbs up from none other than Paulo Nutini himself, wowed 3 out of 4 coaches. […]

  • 11/01/15

    The Mighty Shift

    Newbies Rachel Stevens and Una Foden took the second episode of this years Voice of Ireland. Putting the two lads to shame. Digging their heels in and letting out the feisty sides, there is no more mrs nice girls. Shannon Doyle, who was accompanied by what seemed like the half of the Irish population, opened […]

  • 04/01/15

    Back With A Bang! Episode 1 Recap

    The Voice of Ireland is back- and back with a bang!! Dumb and Dumber, an English rose and mystical eyes all graced our screens when the Voice of Ireland returned for the first episode of the fourth season, here was what was in store for us last night! Bressie and Kian have returned for more […]