1/ The Blind Auditions

  • Four coaches each choosing 12 people
  • Coaches are seated with their backs to the singers, and their decisions are based solely on voice.
  • Coaches Press 'I Want You' button to turn their chair and select a talent.
  • Rivalry between coaches to get the best acts!

2/ Battle Shows

  • Four coaches now have a team of 12 acts each.
  • Each coach divides their team into duos and sets them a song they must sing together.
  • The duos battle it out on stage in front of a live audience.
  • The coach choses only one person from the duo to proceed to the live shows.

3/ Live Shows

In the final stage, the series goes live and sees 24 acts compete over 7 weeks to become The Voice of Ireland.

  • Round one - Each coach splits their teams in half with three from each team performing and competing against each other in week one and two. The act with the highest score on each team (combination of public vote and coaches score) goes straight through to round two. Each coach then must save one act who they want to see in round two.
  • Round Two - In weeks three and four the coaches again half their teams and two acts compete against team members each week. For this stage and for all of subsequent stages, their own coach cannot score them. Both weeks the acts with the highest votes (combination of public vote and coaches score) go through to the quarter finals.
  • Quarter finals - With ten acts remaining they now all compete against each other and not only within their teams. The top six acts (a combination of public votes and coach scoring) will go on to the semi-finals.
  • Semi-Finals - All of the remaining six acts compete against one another. The top four acts (combination of public votes and coach scoring) go through to the final.
  • Final - All four acts perform with a special guest of their choice with the top three acts being voted through on public vote only, to a second performance on the night. After a second count of public vote only, one act will be crowned The Voice of Ireland and win a recording contract with Universal Music.