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RTÉ Two, Tuesday, 10.30pm
The Social
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Merry-Go-Round We Go

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Czech prank artists Vojtech Fröhlich and Ondrej Mlady are up to mischief again in Prague, using a billboard as an enormous traffic-distracting merry-go-round.

Who’s Coming To Craig’s House

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Tonight on The Social, Craig will be joined once again by journalist and broadcaster Joe O’Shea, Jessie Collins from Irish Tatler magazine and comedian Keith Farnan.

Come around to RTÉ Two at 10.25pm tonight for some more conversation inspired by the topics that have lit up the last week.

What We’re Reading Today

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In The Social office today, we’re…

Feeling Hungry?

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Be prepared to drool over the screen as the chefs behind Modernist Cuisine deconstruct the humble hamburger in order to create The Perfect Hamburger.

The God Particle

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Remember the Large Hadron Collider? It appears that two teams from CERN will announce results of the experiments that have been taking place in a tunnel under the French-Swiss border. Do you reckon they’ve found the “god particle“?

Thanks to The Journal for the reminder. And thanks to physics for giving us the excuse to listen to the Cern Rap again.

Dogs In Cars

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The sheer happiness that runs across these dogs’ faces as their ears flap around in the wind is a wonderful antidote to Tuesday. Enjoy.

Thanks to Dasher’s friend @Dublinshewolf for the link!

Taekwondo Finger Guy

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(via Laughing Squid)

This One’s For Dasher…

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In fairness, Dasher isn’t afraid of kittens and is actually very popular with the local kitten population. But we figured he might get even just a little woofgiggle out of this adorable little kitteh’s misfortune. In a nice way, you understand.

Dasher’s Diary

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Hi there human friends,

Hope you’ve all had a good week. Mine has been eventful enough, considering the weather has been so wet and windy in my part of the world.

A dog has mixed emotions about this kind of weather. On the one paw, you’ve got the makings of an amazing mudbath. Seriously. Running around in mud and wet grass and puddles and over-flowing streams is, like, the best thing ever.

But, on the other paw, our human Best Friends don’t often like to go out in that kind of weather, because it tends to make them sick. Which we, of course, totally understand. And are more than happy to use the treadmill option, in cases of weather-induced Walkies Emergencies.

It didn’t quite come to the treadmill though this week, though it threatened to on one or two of the days. I had loads of lovely walks with Craig in between his show, The Social, and when I took time off from my ever-expanding Twitter life. I found a bit more balance this week, between my Internet Life and my Real Life. I even spent some time trying to suck up to Ursula, the neighbour’s cat. She still hates me. And verybody else around her, it seems, which is strangely comforting.

There has been one thought that has been troubling me for the last week, and increasingly so. As you know, Christmas is fast approaching, which means I have to buy my 14 brothers and sisters presents. I would really appreciate your advice on some cool dog presents, advice which you can leave in the form of a comment below!

I gave them all slippers to chew on last year so that option’s out. But I’m open to all other ideas! *wags tail*

Until next time, keep it canine,

Dasher x


The Social’s Andy Warhol Face-Off

Posted on

The Andy Warhol Brian O’Driscoll portrait that hangs in Craig’s House. Can you help us decide which well-known Irish face to replace BOD’s with?

Craig’s house is getting a facelift tomorrow, with the beloved Andy Warhol portrait of Brian O’Driscoll being placed under early retirement.

Would you like to decide which well-known Irish face will get the Andy Warhol treatment next?

Leave a comment on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter so you can send us answers to the following question before 2pm on Friday the 9th of December.

Q: What was the proverb that Brian O’Driscoll sprung on a bemused press conference in 2009?

The winner will be picked at random. And don’t forget to include your preferred Irish celeb that you want to see take BOD’s place in Craig’s house!

As well as seeing your favourite face take pride of place on the wall of Craig’s house, you’ll also win these amazing Spoon Dumbbells. And we’ll send you the original Andy Warhol Brian O’Driscoll portrait to put up in your own gaffe!*

*It should be noted that this piece is not an Andy Warhol original and it is very poor quality. Could be the perfect joke gift for one of your loved ones this Christmas :)

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