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See you in 2012

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We’re all excited in The Social office about Santa’s arrival this weekend. We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a very blissful New Year. See you in 2012 but in the meantime, here are our top three videos … Continue reading

Puppy Broodiness

Posted on

As featured on Cute Overload and pretty much all over the internet, this is arguably the Best Christmas Video Ever. Prepare to weep large puppy-shaped tears at the cuteness.

Impressionist Does Christmas

Posted on

Impressionist Jim Meskimen sings Christmas songs in the voices of celebrities. Nothing like a bit of cheer on a Monday morning to get us through the last week before Christmas!

Bondi Beach Night Surfing

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Bondi Beach seems even further away this morning, watching these Strongbow Cider sponsored night-glo surfers in Australia while the snow falls over Ireland. Brrrrr!

It’s Funny Because It’s True

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It really is funny because it’s true. Even if you’re the most unstereotypical girl in the world, you’ve probably done at least one of these things.

Dictator The Movie

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So, are we excited about Sacha Baron Cohen’s new flick or are we over his antics…? While we’re making up our minds, here’s the trailer for The Dictator, out this summer.


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This is pretty much amazing. Thanks to Dasher for the paws-up on this one!

Merry-Go-Round We Go

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Czech prank artists Vojtech Fröhlich and Ondrej Mlady are up to mischief again in Prague, using a billboard as an enormous traffic-distracting merry-go-round.

Bollywood-loving Lip-syncing Cop Fired

Posted on

Last April, the video of Indonesian policeman Norman Kamaru lip-synching to Chaiyya Chaiyya as a way of cheering up his colleague went viral. He became a bit of a micro-celebrity in the months that followed, much to the initial chagrin of his … Continue reading

Ho Chi Minh City Traffic

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Ho Chi Minh City is well-known for its insane traffic. Here’s a time-lapse created by British photographer Rob Whitworth. Hope your commute this morning was a little less intense.

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