Money tips: I saved hundreds on health insurance

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I saved hundreds on health insurance

I saved €262 a year on health insurance after someone told me I should ask for the “corporate rate” from my insurance company. I couldn’t believe it.

I’m with Quinn Healthcare and had noticed my monthly payments had gone up quite a lot and was paying around €70 a month on the Essential Plus plan. When they wrote to renew this year my insurance had gone up to nearly €1000 for the year.

I inquired about the ‘corporate rate’ and even though I am self-employed, I discovered it was €663.32 for the year compared to €925 to renew my Essential Plus.

The only difference I could see was maternity benefit was lower on the Company Health Plus and an annual sports health-check wasn’t covered, neither of which I was bothered about.

Eilis, Dublin

RTE writes: Health insurance companies are obliged to offer all their products to everyone regardless of who they are initially targeted at. So corporate schemes are available to everyone – whether you work for a company or not.

The Health Insurance Authority has a very good price comparison site. It’s a bit complicated to start with, but it is worth persevering with it as it could save you a small fortune.

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HIA comparison site

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