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Q. I am a 60 years old and have recently been separated and touch wood haven’t had any major illness in my life. I’ve been treated for various back issues – obliterated disc and prolapsed disc over the years but nothing serious.

They both just required physio and one short hospital visit. I have had a VHI policy with my husband and now-grown up children for the last 25 years but only discovered recently that my ex-husband had cancelled the payments twelve months ago. We split 15 months ago but with all the stress of the separation, I didn’t consider checking insurance. Now VHI says I have a 52-week break without cover (apart from an accident) if I had no previous conditions or 10 years if I have. I’m not sure if normal wear and tear to my back counts. Can you advise?

Helen, Dublin

A. This is really one for VHI as it comes down to the terms and condition of their policy and also the medical info provided is too vague i.e is one short hospital visit  - was it a stay in hospital or an operation?

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