Can I put TV dish on apartment block?

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Q. My apartment block is wired for UPC but I don’t want to receive UPC. The management company says we can’t install satellite dishes, but as the owners of the management company can we get that rule changed? Or does UPC have some sort of hold over us. There are only 40 apartments in the block.

Richard, Dublin 4

A. When you purchase your apartment you would have signed up to a management company agreement that it is legally binding. It sets out your rights in terms of what the company will do for you, but also details restrictions on what you can and cannot do.

Regarding satellite dishes, you should familiarise yourself with the precise restrictions, and the source of the restrictions, in your apartment development.

The best way to change the existing rules is to attend the annual general meeting (AGM). All members of the management company are entitled to attend its general meetings, including the annual general meeting. Depending on the rules of your agreement, you may be able to propose a motion at your AGM to allow satellite dishes to be installed if a majority of members agree to it.

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