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‘It’s all left or right now’

Posted on by David Davin-Power

A chance encounter on a Leinster House corridor last week should have alerted me; chatting to Michael Noonan about the water charge u-turn, the Finance Minister suggested that the steam was going out of the issue, but that the controversy … Continue reading

Bailing in or bailing out: Depositors and the painful road to a banking union

Posted on by Ray Donoghue

By Tony Connelly, Europe Editor, Brussels In Ireland we know only too well the cost of burdening the taxpayer with the fallout from a collapsing bank. The sins of the financial sector placed a €64 billion weight on the shoulders … Continue reading

Clarity on Ireland and debt, but confusion in the eurozone remains

Posted on by Ray Donoghue

  By Paul Cunningham, Europe Correspondent After nine hours of talks by eurozone finance ministers, the Irish Government now knows both the process for the renegotiation of its banking debt and the target date for a decision. A statement after … Continue reading

What next for Promissory Notes?

Posted on by Tony Connelly

Tony Connelly, Europe Editor, in Copenhagen The government is putting the best gloss it can on the Anglo promissory notes deal, but opinion is divided as to how much has been achieved. The exchequer doesn’t have to find €3.06 billion … Continue reading

Noonan to meet Draghi as Greek debt talks stumble

Posted on by Tony Connelly

By Tony Connelly, Europe Editor, in Brussels Minister for Finance Michael Noonan will meet Mario Draghi, the ECB president, in Frankfurt later today. Although the two men will have met on the margins of EU finance ministers’ meetings, this will … Continue reading