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The EU Summit: Turning Point or Tipping Point?

Posted on by Tony Connelly

By Tony Connelly, RTÉ Europe Editor, Brussels Once again an EU summit is pregnant with a sense of impending disaster, with expectations being lowered all week that a breakthrough can be delivered which will reverse, or even just slow down, … Continue reading

Greece: Sleepwalking to Calamity?

Posted on by Tony Connelly

By Tony Connelly, RTE News Europe Editor, Athens Will Greek voters sleepwalk into a potentially calamitous exit from the euro? Around the world central banks, investors, governments and economists are holding their breath. But in Greece a surreal fatalism infects … Continue reading

What can the EU summit deliver?

Posted on by Tony Connelly

By Tony Connelly, RTE Europe Editor, in Brussels EU officials are playing down expectations of any major decisions at the Informal Summit in Brussels, but there is plenty of scope for an unprecedented clash on the kinds of solutions the … Continue reading

Anger, despair as Greece struggles under bailout terms

Posted on by Ray Donoghue

By Tony Connelly, Europe Editor, in Athens Outside the unemployment office in downtown Athens the mood among applicants is one of grim resignation. “I’m not optimistic I’ll be able to find something soon,” says Bujar Arapi, a 33-year-old construction worker … Continue reading