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Coalition needs to spin clear of “Fianna Fáil/PD Tribute Budget”

Posted on by Conor McMorrow

Its five weeks until the big day. But ‘Budget Season’ is firmly upon us. The release of positive exchequer returns has this week intensified discussion on the scope for a smaller-than-anticipated adjustment. The season of speculation and spin has already … Continue reading

Assassination of Franz Ferdinand still divides Bosnia 100 years on

Posted on by Paul Cunningham

People in Sarajevo have been very uneasy about marking the centenary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie. It’s a big moment for the city. Yet people seemed reluctant to talk to me about the man … Continue reading

Not quiet on the Western Front: Why Cameron will go down fighting

Posted on by Tony Connelly

Tonight 28 EU leaders will symbolically mark 100 years since the outbreak of World War I by gathering in the West Flanders town of Ypres, the centre of intense fighting a century ago. They will meet first in Flanders Field, … Continue reading

The Long and Winding Road: The struggle to secure a bank debt deal

Posted on by Tony Connelly

The odds on Ireland securing a full-blooded bank recapitalisation using Europe’s €500bn  ESM bailout fund now appear low. Time and politics have moved on since the eurozone summit of June 2012, when Taoiseach Enda Kenny secured the promise of help … Continue reading

This Time It’s Different, isn’t it?

Posted on by Paul Cunningham

Voters across the European Union were led to believe that things would be “different” when they cast their ballots in the European Parliamentary elections last month. Not only would they be choosing Members for the 751-member assembly but also, in … Continue reading

This Time is Different? How the euro crisis will impact on the European Elections

Posted on by Tony Connelly

This week’s European elections are taking place amid unprecedented uncertainty over the European project. The electorate is in a sour mood, the mainstream parties are fearful, and pro Europeans fear that a surge in support for the extreme right and … Continue reading

President’s visit an emotional and political milestone

Posted on by Tommie Gorman

Michael D Higgins, the 9th President of Ireland, this week becomes the first holder of the office to pay a State visit to the UK. The busy four-day programme of events is another significant milestone in what has often been … Continue reading

The Tánaiste, a tractor and a frozen food summit

Posted on by Martina Fitzgerald

By Martina Fitzgerald, Political Correspondent What do a Massey Ferguson tractor, the French President, Francois Hollande, and a frozen food summit have in common? They all featured on the Tánaiste’s itinerary during his three-day visit to France.

War in Syria: Three years on

Posted on by Paul Cunningham

By Paul Cunningham, Europe Correspondent The United Nations regularly updates its ‘fact sheet’ on the war in Syria – a conflict which is now entering its fourth bloody year. The UN information bulletin is a grim statistical record, and the … Continue reading

In the Shadow of the Fleet

Posted on by Tony Connelly

By Europe Editor, Tony Connelly Alexei Alexeivich puts on his Soviet naval cap and strikes a pose in front of his bedroom mirror. With a sheepish grin, which breaks into an infectious laugh, he pulls in his 59-year-old paunch.  The … Continue reading

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