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Work to do for Irish exporters

Posted on by David Murphy

By Business Editor David Murphy There has been much discussion about Ireland being an export-led economy. The country’s track record at selling goods abroad has been highlighted as a bright spot in an otherwise troubled economic landscape. This leads to … Continue reading

Irish scientists at CERN’s cutting edge

Posted on by Will Goodbody

By Will Goodbody, Science and Technology Correspondent  In a corner of the CMS detector experiment control room at CERN, there sits a collection of empty champagne bottles. Each one tells its own story of celebration. Individual measures of success achieved over a … Continue reading

A stroll down Haddington Road

Posted on by Sean Whelan

By Economics Correspondent Sean Whelan The Civil Service have already received their first pay packet of the new, post-Haddington Road Agreement era and, for most, it was not a pleasant experience. That is especially true for those earning more than … Continue reading

4G coming soon to a network near you

Posted on by Will Goodbody

by Science and Technology Correspondent Will Goodbody @willgoodbody Watch my report here: http://www.rte.ie/news/player/2013/0705/3558300-4g-services-to-begin-in-autumn/ 4G is coming soon to a network near you. And over the past couple of days we in RTE News have had access to Vodafone’s pilot base … Continue reading

Portuguese turmoil endangers euro calm

Posted on by Sean Whelan

By Economics Correspondent Sean Whelan Apart from the Cyprus upheaval (and, OK, it was a pretty big upheaval), things have been fairly quiet on the old “eurozone crisis” front for about a year. But now it looks like that calm … Continue reading