Success of War and Starting Out


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With impressive sales of the album 'War' in America, Bono speaks to Pat Kenny about starting out and how U2 have got to this point in their career.

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    Bono Remembers the Early Years
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    Pat Kenny (Presenter)
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    The Pat Kenny Show
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    Success of War and Starting Out
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    Bono talks about the success of sales of the album 'War' in America. He also tells Pat Kenny about the formation and early years of U2.

    Bono feels what made U2 different from many other contemporary Irish bands was their ambition and having something to say.

    "I have said before we were probably the worst garage band in the country. There were a lot better groups than us. It was just our inability to play other people's songs that led us to write our own songs and that's actually when U2 began or U2 was born. Because ultimately it is not down to how well you play another person's song. It is if you have anything original, anything creatively in your own self to say and we had."

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    An extract from an interview with Bono from 'The Pat Kenny Show' broadcast 9 August 1983. The RTÉ Guide billed the show as,

    "A summer mixture of current affairs, light entertaiment and music."

    The photograph accompanying this clip was taken for the RTÉ Guide's 'Sound and Vision' music column on 21 March 1980.

    U2 members singer Bono (Paul Hewson), drummer Larry Mullen and bass player Adam Clayton are at the start of the National Milk Run, in Dublin's Phoenix Park on 9 March 1980. All three are wearing Milk Run t-shirts. This run was an annual charity event sponsored by the National Dairy Council.

    The photographer was Eve Holmes.

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