Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones talks to RTÉ television on his arrival in Dublin. Long hair makes them look like women? "Dirty Lie" say the Stones.

Group Rolling Stones fans are waiting on a platform at Connolly Station, Dublin. Railway officials visible. Two schoolgirl fans wait with piece of paper.

RTÉ Reporter Mike Burns interviews  Mick Jagger on the station platform. Crowds stand about. Jagger wearing a parka jacket with fur on hood smokes a cigarette at times.

Mike Burns asks "What do you think about Belfast audiences, Irish weather, Irish railways...?" Mick Jagger says "Lovely Belfast concert, lovely ... I don't like Irish weather much. It's not that much different from English really, you know...rainy".

Mike Burns asks "What do you think about Irish audiences?" Mick Jagger replies "Very good, very very good"

Mike Burns, "Do you expect a big crowd here in Dublin tonight?" Mick Jagger replies "I hope so, yeah"

Mike Burns, "Mick, we've heard it said that this long hair makes you look like women, what do you think of this?" Out of vision a high-pitched Rolling Stone voice says "I think it is a dirty lie"

Mick Jagger says "So do I... No I don't know, No I don't think it does. It depends what your attitude is"

Mike Burns asks "If you wanted to get a crew cut now would anybody object to that?