Traditional Halloween Pranks and Divination


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Different Halloween traditions in urban and rural areas, with practical jokes played in the West of Ireland.  

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    Halloween Traditions in Urban and Rural Ireland
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    Marian Richardson (Presenter)
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    Morning Ireland
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    Traditional Halloween Pranks and Divination
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    Folkorist Barbara O'Flynn tells Marian Richardson about the different ways Halloween is celebrated in urban and rural areas. She says bonfires and trick or treating are customs associated with the eastern half of Ireland, but they are now spreading throughout the country. Halloween was traditionally marked in the West of Ireland by playing practical jokes, like throwing cabbage against people's doors or switching gates on farms.

    Divination is still widely practised, with four plates used to foretell death, marriage, prosperity or travel. The return of the dead remains a big part of Halloween, and an example of the overlapping of Christian and pagan traditions, which is seen throughout Irish folkore.

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    'Morning Ireland' is RTÉ's breakfast news programme broadcast each weekday morning between 7am and 9am on RTÉ Radio 1. The programme was first broadcast in 1984. The programme is co-presented and over the years presenters have included David Hanly, Joe Little,Áine Lawlor, Cathal Mac Coille, Rachael English and Gavin Jennings.

    Halloween (a shortening of All Hallows’ Evening) is a yearly holiday observed around the world on October 31, the night before All Saints' Day incorporates traditions from pagan harvest festivals and festivals honouring the dead, particularly the Celtic Samhain.

    The accompanying image of the full moon was taken by Dominic McManus in 1985. © RTÉ Stills Library 0735/040

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