The film looks at inner city tenements, a proposed high rise scheme in Ballymun and the difficulties encountered by those seeking houses in Dublin.

There are interviews with young families trying to get homes including a couple who have been forced to live in a caravan.

The report opens with children playing outside a derelict building in a city street. Another building is being demolished. Young children playing in a street, children playing at washing a car. Children playing, skipping and on a roundabout. Under these images the voice of a young mother describes the problem of trying to get a house in Ireland. For this woman the problem is so grave that emigration maybe the only option.

Reporter Cathal O'Shannon in Ballymun where a new housing development is being built. He outlines the circumstances which might see an individual rent a local authority dwelling.

Denis Larkin the chairman of Dublin Corporation Housing Committee explains the problems the Corporation has had in the past and what it is now trying to achieve.

A married couple who are living in a caravan describe their efforts to get a home and the difficulties they face on a caravan site.

Cathal O'Shannon's report continues with figures for house building and numbers on the Dublin Corporation housing list. One man interviewed, who does not qualify under the statutory regulations, describes how he now finds himself back in his mother's two bedroom home with his wife and children.

The report ends with Denis Larkin describing the hopes Dublin Corporation have for the construction of new homes and reductions on the housing list. He stresses the need for more land to build on and more resources at government level.