Mobile Recording Unit Crashes


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Déanann Proinsias Ó Conluain cur síos i mBéarla ar Aonad Taistil Taifeadta Radio Éireann ag dul sa díog in aice le Dumha Locha i gCo Mhaigh Eo. Tá cur síos ann ó Mhicheál Ó Gacháin, duine de mhuintir na háite, freisin.

Proinsias Ó Conluain describes the Mobile Recording Unit crashing into a ditch near Doolough in Mayo in 1958. A local man, Micheál Ó Gacháin, describes the same event in Irish.

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    Ian Lee speaks with Proinsias Ó Conluain
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    Ian Lee (presenter)
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    Radio Travels
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    Mobile Recording Unit Crashes
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    Sa bhliain 1991 rinne Proinsias Ó Conluain cur síos ar a shaothar do Radio Éireann, agus RTÉ, i mBearla don tsraith Radio Travels le béim ar leith ar an obair a rinne sé leis an Aonad Taistil Taifeadta. Déanann sé tagairt do thaisme  a bhain don Aonad Taistil nuair a d'imigh sé den bhóthar in aice le Dumha Locha i gCo Mhaigh Eo sa bhliain 1958 agus tá cur síos ó Mhicheál Ó Gacháin, duine de mhuintir na háite, ar an eachtra chéanna nuair a tharla sé, rud a chuireann fonn  gáire ar an slua atá i láthair ag an taifeadadh.

    In 1991 Proinsias Ó Conluain described his work for RTÉ, in English, particularly mobile recording, for the radio series Radio Travels and recalled an event when the Mobile Unit crashed into a ditch in Doolough Mayo where Proinsias was recording in 1958. A local man, Micheál Ó Gacháin, who saw what happened, gives his description which the assembled gathering at the recording session seem to find amusing. 

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    Proinsias's interview for the series 'Radio Travels', which concentrated on the work of the Mobile Recording Unit, was recorded in English in 1991. The programme included excerpts from material collected by Proinsias whilst working with the Mobile Unit. Johnny Spillane was the Sound Engineer on the trip to the Mayo Gaeltachtaí in 1958 and an excerpt from the programme Gaeltacht Scoite an Iarthair transmitted on the 23 September 1958 features the interview with Micheál Ó Gacháin describing the MRU crashing and was included in the Radio Travels programme.

    The accompanying photograph shows the Radio Éireann Mobile Recording Unit in Doolough, Co. Mayo in 1958. Engineer Johnny Spillane surveys the scene. Image courtesy of Proinsias Ó Conluain.

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