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The Burchill School of Dancing performing in a show called 'Night and Day' at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin in 1953.

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    Night and Day
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    Norman Hodgson (Filmmaker)
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    Norman Hodgson Collection
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    Burchill School of Dance
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    Norman Hodgson filmed 'Night and Day' presented by Burchill School of dancing at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin in February 1953.

    This extract from the film shows the opening of the perfomance. The 'Night and Day' programme was divided into two parts each representing the light and dark hours of the day. Children and adults perform a number of styles of dance including tap and ballet.

    Among those taking part are Roly Hodgson, Barbara Hodgson, Olga Mohan, Madge Larney, George Begley, Doreen Ryan, Myrtle Lambkin, Jean Briody, Colette Morosini-Whelan and George Morosini-Whelan.    

    The opening title card describes the film as "Miss Evelyne Burchell's Dancing Display in Gaiety Theatre 4th and 5th February, 1953".  The spelling of Evelyn Burchill's name seems to be an error.

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    Norman Hodgson (1905-74) was born in Lenzie in Scotland.  He married Marjorie Towers in 1932 and came to live in Skerries in the late 1930s and the couple had four children. Norman was an avid amateur filmmaker who recorded many sporting and social highlights of Irish life (much of it in colour) in the late 1940s and 1950s.

    He was MD of William W Warnock and Co and President of the Irish Seed Trade which took him and his camera to the Dutch Bulb fields on the Golden Jubilee of the Dutch Bulb Exporters Association and to the Spring Show where the company had a stand.

    Among the other highlights he recorded were Royal Tan’s triumphant return to Dublin after his 1954 Grand National win.
    Norman Hodgson was Commodore of the Skerries Sailing Club in 1952 and in 1953 organised classes to build Mermaid dinghy boats.  These 17 foot clinker built wooden vessels were raced annually competing for the Mermaid Trophy (a bronze replica of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen) which he donated as a prize.

    Norman Hodgson wrote detailed scripts to accompany the screening of his films and he noted in one  “Please keep in mind that at all times there is only one camera, and one person behind the camera, and it means an awful lot of running around to do it all - not to mention the hours and hours, and weeks and weeks of editing, writing the commentaries, etc., etc.”

    Norman's daughters Helen Hodgson and Rosalie Pickering cared for his films, camera and projector before donating the collection to RTÉ Archives.

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