Sexual Morals in Germany


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A look at sexual morals, promiscuity, prostitution and legal brothels in Germany.

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    Some Do Some Don't - Germany
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    John O'Donoghue (Reporter)
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    Into Europe
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    Sexual Morals in Germany
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    O'Donoghue's report begins in Dusseldorf at a legal brothel where betweeen 200 and 240 girls live and work. This is an experiment which is encouraged by the authorities.  A medical officer from Dusseldorf explains in German the reasoning behind allowing a brothel to operate legally to "conduct the love trade of the city". This enables the authorities to control the situation and protect public health.

    O'Donoghue's voice over states that the 'Constanza' magazine reports that 75% of German girls have sexual relations before marriage. The magazine also purports that 84% of men have sexual relations with at least three women before marriage. While the statistics discussed in magazines are questionable, they do represent a preoccupation with sexual matters and promiscuity.

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    'Into Europe' was  a series of 12 programmes broadcast in 1967 and 1968 which set out to tell Irish television viewers something about their European neighbours.

    Jack White the then RTÉ Assistant Controller of Television Programmes writng in the RTÉ Guide said of the series,

    "The 'Into Europe' project was born nearly twelve months ago, at a meeting held to consider what Irish television could do to bring Ireland closer to the Europe of the Common Market. It was decided then to use the summer months for a major expedition into Europe.

    When we came down to working out the brief in detail, we felt that the framework of the Common Market itself was too formal for the project we had in mind. So in the end 'Into Europe' has taken in three EFTA countries - Austria, Sweden and Denmark - as well as all the EEC members except Luxembourg. Each programme in the series is an essay on a theme from modern European life, illustrated from one or more countries."
    (RTÉ Guide 17 November 1967 Vol. 4 No. 47 p3)

    The extract here is from an episode called 'Some Do Some Don't' broadcast 24 January 1968.

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