Farm Consolidation is Encouraged


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New and more intensive methods of farming being employed in Denmark. With the agricultural issue central to Ireland's membership to the EEC, what can Ireland learn from our Danish neighbours?

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    Muck but No Money - Denmark
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    Justin Keating (Reporter)
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    Into Europe
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    Farm Consolidation is Encouraged
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    An extract from the series 'Into Europe' featuring the changes taking place in farming in Denmark. This report took place five years before Denmark joined the EEC, along with Ireland, in 1973.

    Justin Keating reports on how farms in Denmark are using new methods to make their farms more intensive. There is an emphasis on education and on aggressive marketing of food products in international markets.

    Small farmers in Denmark now accept that high productivity is the only way forward. This, they believe, can be achieved through cooperation amongst small farmers. Hard work, luck, and training are factors leading to the success of Danish farming. The key to success is education and training.

    Courses available at the training centre include domestic science, farming, research, construction, mechanisation, cultural studies, marketing and processing. However, much of the success is a well-kept secret that the Danes don't wish to share with their neighbouring countries.

    The Danes are at the forefront of marketing when it comes to building connections with retailers and selling their produce.They have a special food display at Kastrup Airport. In the centre of Copenhagen a national food display and promotion centre, EkkoDanmark promotes Danish agricultural products. These efforts help to promote Danish agricultural products and specialities.

    Competition is now intense so what can Ireland learn from the Danish approach?

  • Information

    'Into Europe' was  a series of 12 programmes broadcast in 1967 and 1968 which set out to tell Irish television viewers something about their European neighbours.

    Jack White the then RTÉ Assistant Controller of Television Programmes writng in the RTÉ Guide said of the series,

    "The 'Into Europe' project was born nearly twelve months ago, at a meeting held to consider what Irish television could do to bring Ireland closer to the Europe of the Common Market. It was decided then to use the summer months for a major expedition into Europe.

    When we came down to working out the brief in detail, we felt that the framework of the Common Market itself was too formal for the project we had in mind. So in the end 'Into Europe' has taken in three EFTA countries - Austria, Sweden and Denmark - as well as all the EEC members except Luxembourg. Each programme in the series is an essay on a theme from modern European life, illustrated from one or more countries."

    RTÉ Guide 17 November 1967 Vol. 4 No. 47 p3 

    The extract here is from an episode called 'Muck but no Money' broadcast 7 February 1968.

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