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An Cnota Glas 1962
An Cnota Glas 1962

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Leathnaigh ón dráma raidió 'An Cnota Glas,' leagan Gaeilge den úrscéal 'The Green Cockade, a Tale of Ulster in '98', a scríobh Margaret T. Pender.

Excerpt from the script of 'An Cnota Glas,' a radio adaptation of the novel 'The Green Cockade, a Tale of Ulster in '98' by Margaret T. Pender.

  • Title
    Cuimhnigh ar Orr
  • Production Year
  • Contributor
    Margaret T. Pender (Writer)
    Pádraig Mac Seágáin (Translator)
    Séamus Mac Ciarnáin (Adapter)
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    An Cnota Glas
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    Radio Script in Gaelic
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    This document is an excerpt from the script of 'An Cnota Glas,' a radio adaptation of the novel 'The Green Cockade, a Tale of Ulster in '98' by Margaret T. Pender. It is taken from Episode 5, 'Cuimhnigh ar Orr' ('Remember Orr'). The title refers to United Irishman William Orr, who was executed in 1797.

    The document is handwritten in Gaelic script. Three pages from the episode are displayed, beginning with the cover page, which credits the translator, author and radio adapter. The second page lists the characters, the production date and the name of the adapter. The third page included here is the first page of the actual play script. The narrator sets the scene for the listener, describing how the action takes place on a summer's evening in 1798 on the road from Belfast, where Liam Mac Cába and Séimí Hope are planning to play a trick on the soldiers.

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    This document is part of the RTÉ Archives document collection.

    1 foolscap notebook, handwritten 16 pages.

    'An Cnota Glas' was adapted by Séamus Mac Ciarnáin from the Irish translation by Pádraig Mac Seágáin of the historical novel 'The Green Cockade, a Tale of Ulster in '98' by Margaret T. Pender. It was a six-part drama, broadcast on Radio Éireann in 1962.

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Radio Script in Gaelic

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