From small roles in The Clinic at the age of 9 to leading roles in Hollywood movies, Saoirse Ronan's star is shining bright.

Saoirse Ronan may be only 21 but has had a successful career that any veteran actor would be proud of. Receiving Academy Award, BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations at the age of just 13 for her role in the film Atonement, Saoirse has gone on to play roles in The Lovely Bones, Hanna and The Grand Budapest Hotel. 

Saoirse's television debut came at the age of 9 playing the role of Rhiannon Geraghty in RTÉ Television drama 'The Clinic'.

This excerpt from The Clinic shows Saoirse as a star in the making in 2003. Saoirse appeared in 4 episodes of The Clinic.

This episode of The Clinic was broadcast on 26 January 2003.