A new edition of Century Ireland is published tomorrow 15 January 2014. Here is a preview of what to expect in this issue.

The main stories include:

  • Larkinites Defeated in Municipal Elections - Thomas McPartlin and P.T. Daly fail to win seats in Dublin Municipal Elections

  • Murder of ‘Free Labourer’ in Dublin - Man found lying in pool of blood on Eden Quay
  • Redmond: ‘Talk of Civil War Absurd’ - Claims triumph over forces of privilege and bigotry
  • 245 Police Injured During Lockout Disturbances - Priest says police only redeeming feature of a ‘disgusting spectacle’

Additional Stories include:

  • The Schoolboy’s Choice: Classics or Science?
  • Waiting List for Industrial Schools
  • Thrilling Rescue by the Lusitania
  • Dublin ‘A Gigantic Factory for Making Criminals’
  • Chief Secretary Birrell: ‘Ireland Will Always be a Nation’

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