Broadcast on 8 May 1970 'Radharc' takes a look at how missionaries are using radio, television, film and the mass media to promote religion and education.

One of the first people to grasp these new approaches to missionary work was a young priest living in Columbia, South America. In Bogota, the capital of Columbia, Fr. Salsedo shows a model of the radio station he has planned for his parish in the remote mountain location of Sutatenza. The plan is to bring education and information across mountain and valley to the scattered people of Sutatenza. Radio Sutatenza would cover  programmes on topics such as religious instruction, literacy, mathematics, agriculture and needlework.

Taken from the second of a two-part programme on communications in the Church, 'Mountains Don't Matter' looks at how television, radio and the mass media are being used to spread the word of God internationally. This programme was broadcast on 8 May 1970 and was narrated by Peter Lemass.

'Radharc', a series specialising in religious programming, was produced for RTÉ by Radharc, an independent production company run by Catholic priests and lay staff.

Between 1961 and 1996 the Radharc team would produce over 400 films in Ireland and 75 countries worldwide. The films dealt with human rights, injustice, faith, religion, persecution, struggles against oppressive regimes, famine, and Christian heritage.