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Dating Help - User Guide

How to Reply to an advert by Phone:
If you see an advert that interests you on TeleDating you can leave the advertiser a personal message in his or her private mailbox.
Make a note of the 6 digit number that appears next to the advert and call 1580 106 856 (€2.44pm).

Select the reply option (option 1) from the menu and when prompted, key in the 6 digit number of the advert you are interested in. You will then be able to hear the voice greeting of the advertiser.

If you like what you hear and want to leave a message for them, leave your name, a contact telephone number and a message about yourself; if they want to get in touch, they’ll give you a call.

How to Reply to an advert by Text:
Only adverts with a TD beside the box number can receive replies sent by SMS message. To reply by SMS, Text TD followed by a space, the box number followed by a space & your message. Send to 57030 (€2.50 per text).
Example: TD 227045 Hi, saw ur ad, I’m a fun guy who loves comedy too. Fancy a chat?
Your mobile number remains confidential.
Texts must not exceed 160 characters. The advertiser receives your reply direct to their mobile. €2.50 per text.
To cancel this service text STOP to 57030

How to Browse All ads available:
You can also browse all the adverts in the database, including new ads not yet on screen, selecting adverts from the location of your choice.
Dial 1570 106 711 (€1.78pm) and select option 2 from the menu.

How to place your own advert by Phone:
To place your own advertisement with TeleDating, for people to respond to, simply call this low cost number on 0818 208 000 (National call) and our automated system will guide you through the process.
Have a pen and paper ready as you will need to take down your unique box number and pin code.
You will need to leave us a few contact details and also a message about yourself for other users to hear.
Your personal details remain confidential at all times. Users interested in your ad will be able to leave you a private voice message with their contact details.
You decide who you wish to call back - in complete confidence. Our team of professional copywriters will then compose a written advert for you that will appear within 48 hours on screen.

How to retrieve messages left for you:
Once you have placed your advertisement with TeleDating, you can collect any messages that have been left for you using this low cost number, once every seven days by calling 0818 208 000 (National call).
Simply key in your 6 digit Box number and 4 digit pin code when prompted and any messages left will be played to you. If you wish to retrieve messages more than once a week, you can call 1570 106 711 (€1.78pm).

How to place your own advert by Text:
Text TDDate followed by a space then your ad & send to 53030 (€0.30 per text).
Example: TDDate SEEKING MY SOULMATE F, 29, slim & pretty, loves dancing & comedy WLTM fun, caring M, 30-45, for r/ship. PL AN AD.
You’ll receive 2 x texts (€0.30 per text) with instructions & a request to record a voice greeting, this is essential for your ad to appear in print.
Texts must not exceed 160 characters. Your mobile number remains confidential and does not appear in print.

You’ll also receive alerts to voicemail messages, €0.30 per text received.
To cancel this service text STOP to 53030.
Cost of receiving messages from and answering respondents by text is €2.00 per text (reversed-billed by confirmation message).

When will my ad appear?
Your advert should appear on screen within 48 hours after it has been screened.

Can I dictate my own advert?
Yes, if you would prefer to dictate the text of your advert rather than having our copywriters write your ad for you, there is an option to do so at the end of the ad placement process.

I began to place my ad but got interrupted half way through. Will I have to start the whole process again?
As long as you got as far as acquiring a 6 digit box number, you should be able to call back in on the ad placement number and pick up where you left off.

The system tells me to press a 'hash key'. What is that?
The hash key is the # symbol that appears under the 9 key on your telephone keypad. By using it when prompted, you will be able to navigate your way around the system.

I’ve lost my PIN number. How can I find out what it is?
Send an email to with your box number and date of birth and we will let you know what your PIN number is.

I want to cancel or amend my advert. How can I do this?
Send an email to with your box number and PIN to cancel your advert or request any changes you would like to make to an existing advert

Dating Advice & FAQ Line: 1560 106 610 (€1.27 per minute at all times from Eircom. Other networks and mobile will cost more)

For more helpful tips and advice about using TeleDating, please call our automated FAQ line.

Please see page 726 for guidance

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