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Antrim football results
22 JUL 2014
MFL Division 2B : Round 11
Ciceam Ard Eoin-vs-Clan na hEireann Carragan
St Mary's RasharkinPostponedNaomh Comhghall CLG
St Agnes' GAC0-09 - 3-19Naomh Seosamh/St Joseph's
MFL Division 2A : Round 11
Tir Na nOg Randalstown2-14 - 3-08All Saints Ballymena
Naomh Gall-vs-Con Magees
Setanta-vs-St Ergnat's Moneyglass
Naomh Treasa/St Teresa'sPostponedMichael Davitts
MFL Division 1 : Round 9
Lamh DheargPostponedO`Donovan Rossa GAC
19 JUL 2014
Reserve Football Cup : Final
Creggan Kickhams2-07 - 3-10Roger Casements Portglenone
Reserve Football Shield : Final
St Brigids GAC3-11 - 0-08All Saints Ballymena
16 JUL 2014
Division 2 Football : Round 14
St. Mary's G.A.C. Aghagallon1-04 - 3-15All Saints Ballymena
Naomh Treasa/St Teresa's1-13 - 1-10Michael Davitts
Gort na Móna1-08 - 4-13Roger Casements Portglenone
Naomh Seosamh/St Joseph's0-00 - 0-00St Brigids GAC
St Ergnat's Moneyglass1-15 - 0-15Tir Na nOg Randalstown
Division 1 Football : Round 14
St Mary's Rasharkin1-11 - 1-13Lamh Dhearg
St John's GAC1-11 - 3-18Naomh Gall
Naomh Seamas1-05 - 1-11Naomh Pól CLG /St Pauls GAC
Division 3 Football : Round 14
Naomh Comhghall CLG0-09 - 0-07Ciceam Ard Eoin
Naomh Éanna3-19 - 1-03Cuchullains-Dunloy
Con Magees3-16 - 1-06Éire Óg
St Agnes' GAC2-08 - 4-13O`Donnells
Division 1 Football : Round 14
Naomh Muire Achadh Eochaille0-12 - 2-11Creggan Kickhams
Clan na hEireann Carragan2-17 - 0-12O`Donovan Rossa GAC
Division 2 Res Football : Round 14
St. Mary's G.A.C. Aghagallon-vs-All Saints Ballymena
Gort na Móna1-13 - 1-16Roger Casements Portglenone
Naomh Seosamh/St Joseph's-vs-St Brigids GAC
St Ergnat's Moneyglass2-15 - 1-09Tir Na nOg Randalstown
Division 1 Res Football : Round 14
St Mary's Rasharkin-vs-Lamh Dhearg
Clan na hEireann CarraganPostponedO`Donovan Rossa GAC
St John's GAC2-08 - 2-13Naomh Gall
Naomh Seamas0-05 - 1-07Naomh Pól CLG /St Pauls GAC

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