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Fermanagh football fixtures
31 JUL 2014
Go Games U12 Section B : Round 3
Devenish St Mary's-vs-Aghadrumsee St McCartans
Belnaleck Art McMurroughs-vs-Newtownbutler First Fermanaghs
Kinawley Brian Borus-vs-Ederney St Joseph's
Go Games U12 Section C : Round 3
Tempo Maguires-vs-Belcoo O`Rahilly's
St Patrick's Donagh-vs-Maguiresbridge St Mary's
Go Games U12 Section D : Round 3
Roslea Shamrocks GFC-vs-Coa O`Dwyer's
Irvinestown St Molaises-vs-Erne Gaels Belleek
Go Games U12 Section A : Round 3
Derrygonnelly Harps-vs-Teemore Shamrocks
Lisnaskea Emmetts-vs-Derrylin O Connells
02 AUG 2014
U16 FL Section A : Round 1
Tempo Maguires-vs-Derrygonnelly Harps
Ederney St Joseph's-vs-St Patrick's Donagh
Erne Gaels Belleek-vs-Enniskillen Gaels
U16 FL Section B : Round 1
Teemore Shamrocks-vs-Belcoo O`Rahilly's
Lisnaskea Emmetts-vs-Maguiresbridge St Mary's
Derrylin O Connells-vs-Brookeboro Heber McMahons
U16 FL Section C : Round 1
Belnaleck Art McMurroughs-vs-Roslea Shamrocks GFC
Coa O`Dwyer's-vs-Newtownbutler First Fermanaghs
Devenish St Mary's-vs-Enniskillen Gaels
Erne Cup 2 Play Offs : Round 13
Aghadrumsee St McCartans-vs-Brookeboro Heber McMahons
Belnaleck Art McMurroughs-vs-Derrylin O Connells
Erne Gaels Belleek-vs-Ederney St Joseph's
Maguiresbridge St Mary's-vs-Belcoo O`Rahilly's
Erne Cup 1 : Round 14
St Patrick's Donagh-vs-Enniskillen Gaels
Lisnaskea Emmetts-vs-Roslea Shamrocks GFC
Newtownbutler First Fermanaghs-vs-Kinawley Brian Borus
Derrygonnelly Harps-vs-Teemore Shamrocks
Devenish St Mary's-vs-Tempo Maguires
03 AUG 2014
Go Games U12 Section B : Round 4
Ederney St Joseph's-vs-Belnaleck Art McMurroughs
Go Games U12 Section C : Round 4
Maguiresbridge St Mary's-vs-Tempo Maguires
Brookeboro Heber McMahons-vs-St Patrick's Donagh
Go Games U12 Section D : Round 4
Erne Gaels Belleek-vs-Roslea Shamrocks GFC
Enniskillen Gaels-vs-Irvinestown St Molaises
Go Games U12 Section A : Round 4
Derrylin O Connells-vs-Derrygonnelly Harps
Enniskillen Gaels-vs-Lisnaskea Emmetts
Go Games U12 Section B : Round 4
Newtownbutler First Fermanaghs-vs-Devenish St Mary's
Aghadrumsee St McCartans-vs-Kinawley Brian Borus
SFL2A : Round 6
Irvinestown St Molaises-vs-Derrylin O Connells
Lisnaskea Emmetts-vs-Kinawley Brian Borus
SFL 2B : Round 6
Belnaleck Art McMurroughs-vs-Aghadrumsee St McCartans
Coa O`Dwyer's-vs-Brookeboro Heber McMahons
Senior Football League Div 1 : Round 7
Tempo Maguires-vs-St Patrick's Donagh
Devenish St Mary's-vs-Teemore Shamrocks
Ederney St Joseph's-vs-Erne Gaels Belleek
Belcoo O`Rahilly's-vs-Derrygonnelly Harps
Roslea Shamrocks GFC-vs-Newtownbutler First Fermanaghs
06 AUG 2014
U16 FL Section A : Round 2
St Patrick's Donagh-vs-Erne Gaels Belleek
Enniskillen Gaels-vs-Tempo Maguires
Derrygonnelly Harps-vs-Irvinestown St Molaises
U16 FL Section B : Round 2
Maguiresbridge St Mary's-vs-Derrylin O Connells
Brookeboro Heber McMahons-vs-Teemore Shamrocks
Belcoo O`Rahilly's-vs-Kinawley Brian Borus
U16 FL Section C : Round 2
Newtownbutler First Fermanaghs-vs-Devenish St Mary's
Roslea Shamrocks GFC-vs-Aghadrumsee St McCartans

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