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Louth football fixtures
20 APR 2015
U16 Division 4 : Round 8
Cuchulainn Gaels-vs-Na Piarsaigh
Dreadnots-vs-O'Connells/Stabannon Parnells/John Mitchels
Dundalk Young Irelands-vs-Naomh Fionnbarra/Lannleire
U16 Division 3 : Round 8
St Nicholas GFC-vs-Clan na nGael
St Josephs-vs-Wolfe Tones Football
O`Raghallaighs-vs-Kilkerley Emmets/Naomh Malachi
Division 3 League : Round 3
Glen Emmets-vs-Glyde Rangers
21 APR 2015
U14 Moore Cup GpB : 2
Colaiste Ris Dundalk-vs-St. Mary's DS Drogheda
U14 Moore Cup GpA : 2
De La Salle PP-vs-Ardee CS
O'Fiaich College-vs-St Josephs CBS
U14 Moore Cup GpC : 2
Marist PP-vs-Scoil Ui Mhuire PP
Division 4A League : Round 3
Dundalk Gaels-vs-Ardee St. Mary's G.F.C.
Newtown Blues-vs-Geraldines
Clan na nGael-vs-St Patrick's GFC
Division 4B League : Round 3
Hunterstown Rovers GFC-vs-Sean O Mahonys
St Mochtas-vs-Raonaithe Máiteoige
Dreadnots-vs-Oilibhéar Pluincéad
St Finbarr's-vs-Kilkerley Emmets
Division 4C League : Round 3
Na Piarsaigh-vs-Dundalk Young Irelands
O'Connells GFC-vs-Naomh Malachi
Glyde Rangers-vs-Lann Léire GFC
Division 4D League : Round 3
Sean McDermotts-vs-St Kevins
St Nicholas GFC-vs-Annaghminnon Rovers
John Mitchels-vs-Bye
Division 4A League : Round 3
Cooley Kickhams-vs-St Brides
Naomh Mairtin-vs-St Josephs
Division 4B League : Round 3
Roche Emmets GFC-vs-St Fechins
22 APR 2015
U18 Division 1 : Round 3
St Kevins/Glyde Rangers-vs-Mattock Rangers/Hunterstown Rovers
Oilibhéar Pluincéad-vs-Cooley Kickhams
Newtown Blues-vs-Ardee St. Mary's G.F.C.
Geraldines-vs-Dundalk Gaels
U18 Division 2 : Round 3
Na Piarsaigh-vs-St Brides
St Patrick's GFC-vs-Kilkerley Emmets/Naomh Malachi/St Mochtas
St Fechins-vs-Naomh Mairtin
U18 Division 3 : Round 3
Dundalk Young Irelands0-00 - 0-00St Nicholas GFC
Glen Emmets-vs-Clan na nGael
O'Connells/Stabannon Parnells/John Mitchels-vs-Naomh Fionnbarra/Lannleire
Wolfe Tones Football-vs-St Josephs
U18 Division 2 : Round 3
Sean O'Mahonys/Dowdallshill-vs-Roche Emmets GFC
23 APR 2015
Division 4C League : Round 3
Glen Emmets-vs-Westerns
26 APR 2015
Division 3 : Round 4
Derrynoose-vs-Raonaithe Máiteoige
Pearse Óg-vs-Sean Mac Cumhaill
Division 2B : Round 5
St Fechins-vs-Setanta
Knockbridge-vs-Aodh Ruadh Ballyshannon
Division 3 League : Round 4
John Mitchels-vs-Cuchulainn Gaels
St Kevins-vs-Wolfe Tones Football
Lann Léire GFC-vs-Westerns
Sean McDermotts-vs-Glen Emmets
Dowdallshill-vs-St Nicholas GFC
Stabannon Parnells GFC-vs-Naomh Malachi
Division 1 League : Round 4
O`Raghallaighs-vs-Kilkerley Emmets
Ardee St. Mary's G.F.C.-vs-Raonaithe Máiteoige
O'Connells GFC-vs-Sean O Mahonys
Naomh Mairtin-vs-St Patrick's GFC
St Fechins-vs-Newtown Blues
Dreadnots-vs-Dundalk Gaels
Division 2 League 2015 : Round 4
Na Piarsaigh-vs-St Brides
St Mochtas-vs-Clan na nGael
St Josephs-vs-Roche Emmets GFC
Dundalk Young Irelands-vs-Cooley Kickhams
Hunterstown Rovers GFC-vs-St Finbarr's
Geraldines-vs-Oilibhéar Pluincéad

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