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McGregor expects criticism of UFC
13 Aug 2014 15:03
The UFC thundered into Dublin with a bang and not too little controversy last month but lead man Conor McGregor accepts that criticism of the sport is part and parcel of the business. A sell-out crowd cheered McGregor to a first-round win over Brazilian Diego Brandao in the O2, and also saw Irish fighters Cathal Pendred, Neil Seery and Patrick Holohan claim victories. There was a record TV audience for the broadcaster, 3e, for the event with 600,000 viewers in total. But for all the zealous support for McGregor and his fellow fighters there was also a notable amount of negativity, mostly targeted on the brutality of the mixed martial arts bouts, in particular the end stages of the contests, which often come across as less than noble. But McGregor, known as The Notorious, takes the barbs on the chin, and is content to get on with business. “At the end of the day people will cry about it. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea,” he told RTÉ Sport. “Back in the old days there were hunters and gatherers, I’m a hunter. There’s gatherers out there who need to go and gather the berries so hunters can eat, that’s the way it is. “There’s people I have heard have said stuff about the sport but, whatever, I don’t care. I know that the martial arts life has given me a discipline and a drive and a dedication that I would never have before and the same with these kids coming through. “You can do good or bad and people will say stuff. It makes no difference to me. This is a billion dollar business so people can say what the f**k they want. “I can’t hear what they’re saying, they’re not living like I’m living. I’m living good, I’m training hard, I’m fit in my body and mind. I’d say half the people that are complaining can barely run up the stairs.”

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