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Subtitled RTÉ Programming
Norah's Traveller Academy Two And A Half Men
Design Doctors Two And A Half Men
Operation Transformation Nelly And Nora
The Zoo Zingzillas
Pet Island Me Too!
Science Squad Storytime
Class Swap The Day Henry Met
Building Ireland Nelly And Nora
Domestic Divas Wildernuts
My Kitchen Rules Dinopaws
Dr Phil Sarah And Duck
RPA Inis Spraoi
Shortland Street Morning Movie: Scooby-Doo And The Loch Ness Monster
Doctors Strange Hill High
RTE News: One O'Clock The Next Step
Home And Away House Of Anubis
Neighbours A Gurl's Wurld
Fair City Blue Water High
The Galway Races Blue Water High
Nuacht Deadly Nightmares Of Nature
RTE News: Six One Every Witch Way
Getaways Roy
EastEnders Neighbours
Fair City The Simpsons
Rachel Allen: All Things Sweet Home And Away
RTE News: Nine O'Clock The Simpsons
Prime Time Friends
One Million Dubliners Educating Essex
Castle Thursday Night Movie: Takers
Prime Time Elementary
Shortland Street The John Bishop Show
Dr Phil Under The Dome
Doctors Reign
- Two And A Half Men

Where can I get RTÉ Aertel Digital?

RTÉ Aertel Digital is an enhanced digital version of the RTÉ Aertel teletext service. It functions in the same way as the analogue service, offering current news, sport and weather updates but is now more agile and easier to use.

RTÉ Aertel Digital is available on Saorview, the new free digital TV service in Ireland.
Press TEXT button on your remote to launch Aertel from RTÉ One, RTÉ Two, RTÉ News Now.